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I spend a lot of time reading blog posts and sound bites on social media sites such as Google + and Facebook. I follow several bloggers because their style of “keeping it real” resonates with me.

I love to try and “keep it real”. I do not try to pretend to be someone I am not. I do try to follow the “TMI” rule which means that I do not share every single thing that goes on in my life online. There are things that are meant to be shared online and things that should be respectfully be kept offline. Having said that I suppose that means that it would be easy for me to only share the good and positive and never share the bad and ugly. Now that I think of it, we all have dirty laundry that we would rather not share with anyone. We would rather have one of those delete keys that we could use to get rid of the bad and ugly.

Today, on G+ I asked my “Jesus followers” circle a question. That question was simple yet difficult. Who is Jesus to you? I realize that discussing politics and religion is something that is not socially acceptable. If you read all of the sound bites on Facebook and Google Plus you will know that there are a lot of opinions being shared with regards to party politics. The November presidential election is several weeks away and the political mud slinging is in full swing online. At the moment I am doing my best to not add to the political sound bite message stream.   

Why did I ask, Who is Jesus to you? I asked it because I am interested in knowing WHO Jesus IS to people. Is there really a heaven or hell? What about eternity? Why can’t I live my life according to my own gospel? I see signs on the freeways that say things like “Live life unfiltered”. Live life with gusto. Be all you can be. Pull yourself up by your boot straps. Be successful. On and on the sound bites and messages go. We are bombarded by society with messages of how to be who they think we should be and why.   

For some of us, we have faith in God. I call God Jesus. You may call God something else. What does it mean to have faith IN God? Why do we have faith in the first place?

More importantly, how does our faith in God affect our day to day lives? Is our faith in God something merely intellectual? Is our faith in God something that is only exercised when I go to church? Is our faith in God more than another religion? I believe that our faith in Jesus Christ should make a profound difference in our lives. I believe that if we truly believe the gospel of Christ then our lives will be radically changed. I believe that our life story will be changed to reflect the glory of God. I believe that no matter where we are at that the joy of the Lord will be our strength and that joy will shine through in everything that we do.

I believe that faith in Jesus Christ brings hope for eternity. I believe that the bible shows me that God has been pursuing his creation through all eternity. Over the last 50 + years I have seen Gods’ hand on my life. I have seen how my faith in Jesus has made a real difference. Like most folks, I too struggle with keeping it real. I struggle to keep my faith in Jesus Christ the center of my world each and every day. I believe that Jesus Christ cannot be reduced to a mere sound bite.   

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