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CAGW TV AD: Citizens Against Government Waste highlights U.S. debt owed to China

The following video will get your blood to boiling so let that be a warning to those of you that would rather not get upset.  I understand that it is not popular to blog about religion, politics or personal finances however I feel that we need to pull our heads out of the quick sand and do something about this together as citizens before it is too late.  Watch the video and come to your own conclusions. 


I want to be the first to say that “politics” is not my cup of tea.  I really try to “ignore” it as much as possible because I really do not know who to believe when it comes to the propaganda that we are being fed via mainstream media.  No, I do not believe there is a huge conspiracy that our government has perpetuated in order to pull the wool over our collective eyes here in America. 

My question is “who DO we believe?”   Can we believe the Democrats, the Republicans or whom else on Capital Hill?  I am being faced with the fact that as an American who has the privilege to vote that I am just as much to blame as the next person.  I am to blame because I have not always voted.  I figured that I was too ignorant about politics and really did not know anyone that was smart enough or had the time to educate me on the issues.  I was also very lazy and used the excuse that my tiny little vote probably did not count anyway.  I spent way too much time lying to myself and believing that.  Over the years I have gotten wiser and I now believe that it is my responsibility as a tax paying American to learn about the politics and investigate as much as I can as to what the real issues are and who can I believe the most. 

Getting back to the video and assuming that you watched enough of it here is a thought.  How in the blazes did we as Americans allow our government to get us into 13.7 TRILLION dollars in debt to begin with?  Someone please do the math but that is  a lot of zeros.  Welcome to American capitalistic greed folks.  I am all about us, the American people, doing something to fix it.  How can we fix this?  Sadly enough it is going to take much smarter people than I to figure that one out. 

One of the things that I think that needs to happen is that we need to fire most, if not all of the people on capital hill.  I would love to see a caravan of U-Haul trucks with tons of boxes and pink slips heading to our nations capital and booting out all of the “fat cats” that are doing nothing but passing stupid laws and putting us further and further into debt.  While we are firing all  of the worthless good for nothing politicians we need to eject all of the special interest groups while we are at it. 

One of the other mysteries that I do not understand is that while we are going to be held accountable for the horrendous national debt what about the other countries out in the world that owe the U.S.A. tons of money for all of the loans we have shelled out?  Over the years I have seen news reports where our government has gone into third world countries and used our hard earned tax dollars to bail out other economies. If my memory serves me correctly we have been guilty of going into a third world country, blowing it up and then paying more money to rebuild it.  Can someone please explain the logic to that thought process please?  Maybe it is time for our government to spend less money on senseless wars that last 8 years and spend some of that money on our own internal issues and needs. 

I think that the first step to stopping the debt and getting back to the road of recovery is to stop spending our tax dollars in wasteful endeavors.  We need to elect officials to government that can balance a budget and keep us in the positive.  We need a plan to stop wasteful spending and to start paying back the debt that we owe.  Is there anyone in America that is up to that challenge?  I certainly hope so before it is too late. 

One of the things that needs to be in the forefront of our minds is that while we may never fully realize or experience the fall out from what might happen in 2030 our children and their children will most certainly experience those consequences.  Is that the legacy that we want to pass on to our children and our grandchildren? 


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