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Pets everywhere

We have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a bird.  Yes, I am married to Doctor Doolittle.  Luckily for me I have not seen any signs of the animals trying to hold conversations with my wife.  I guess if I were honest I would have to admit to having a soft spot in my heart for the critters.  It is interesting to see how each one of the cats and dogs have different, and unique personalities.  My favorite cat, Jasper, has been with us since he was a kitten.  He is black with white markings.  He has decided that his most favorite place to hang out is on my desk right next to the keyboard and laptop.  I almost feel as if I should remove everything off the desk, and put a blanket on it so he will be more comfy.  If I did that, then where would I put all my stuff?  Where would I write this blog post?  Oh yeah, there is the recliner, and the air desk.  The only problem with that solution, is that I really like the desk, and I love having two monitors.  Oh yeah, back to the cat story…


In this picture you see Jasper looking at the monitor wondering if that white arrow thing on the screen will continue to move. and entertain him.   Jasper is primarily an inside cat but he must have a girlfriend, because he will go outside, and be gone for days on end.  Jasper is a very large cat,and he loves to lay on the desk, and let me rub his ears and stomach.  For those of you that are not cat lovers, when they let you rub their stomach that means that they totally trust you.  Most of the time when I move the animals watch me, so it is amazing to me that Jasper and Molly will allow me to rub their stomachs. 


This is Molly and she loves to sit on anything that has a flat surface.  I had to take a dozen pictures to finally get her in this pose. I think the flash on the Blackberry was not making her happy. 

I guess you could say that our pets love us and we love them.  There are days that I wonder who the pet is and who the owner is.  Molly and Jasper both have me trained.  When they want to go outside they go to the door and meow until I get up and let them out. 

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Living with furry children

Thanksgiving day 2010 is in the history books and all of the crazy people have been sitting or standing around all night long so they can participate in Black Friday sales this morning at 5 am.  I did this years ago standing and sitting in line at Best Buy for hours on end in the hopes of buying a laptop for an incredibly low price.  I think my friend and I were number 30 something in line and when the doors finally opened at 5 am they only had 20 laptops in stock.  Imagine my horror to find this out after standing outside all night long.  I went to bed around 11:30 pm last night feeling happy that I was not going to take part in the Black Friday madness and that I could sleep in late this morning and then go to the gym when I woke up today. 

I did not know this when I went to bed but Jasper the cat


who loves to sleep on the bed with us decided at 5:30 am that he needed to go outside and do whatever he likes to do at this time of the morning.  He began meowing loudly until I could no longer roll over and slip back into my dream induced slumber.  I finally rolled out of bed and let him out of the bedroom and he shot out of the door like a cannon ball.  Once out into the living room Molly, one of the other three adult cats, joined him in a concert of meowing at the front door so that I would let them out.  I gladly opened both doors , turned on the light and let them go hoping they would never return.  Jasper was outbound going down the road to go see his girlfriend or dig in the neighbors trash.  Molly on the other hand decides that her new found freedom outside was a huge mistake so she climbs up on the screen door and starts meowing as if her life depended on it.  Being the well trained house pet that I am I let her back into the house. 

At this point I am thinking that I have attended to all of the feline needs so I get in my recliner to go back to sleep.  Just as I am drifting off to sleep to resume some idiotic dream I hear one of the dogs giving a low growl and a short bark to let me know they wanted out of Justin’s room.  I got out of my comfortable recliner grumbling something that I can not repeat here and went and let Angel the lab and Frodo the mini wiener dog

FrodoFrontYard (9)

out of Justin’s room and let them outside in the back yard.  The dogs are outside and so I am thinking everyone is happy and I can get back in my recliner and go back to sleep.  I had no sooner sat down in my chair when I hear the dogs yapping at the back door wanting back in.  I go to the back door and they are looking up at me from the back porch as if to say “what in the world is wrong with you, why are we out on the back porch in the cold?”  At this point in time I am in pet hell and I let the animals back in the house.  I resisted the urge at this point to go wake up my wife who is still snoring oblivious the the pet hell that I am enduring on her behalf.  After all these are HER pets and not mine.  I could very easily live without any of these furry canines and fur balls that require way too much attention and money to support.  I also realize that if I were to remove the furry children from the house that my wife and daughter would make my life a living hell and probably change all the locks on the doors and make me sleep outside for longer than I would like. 

I am firmly convinced at this point that I am the only pet around here and that I have been trained over the last 20 + years to live for these moments where I can serve the needs of the furry animals that reside here with us. 

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