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Katy and I went to see the movie Courageous last week.  This movie is very powerful and thought provoking.  I am hoping that every father or husband that is able to see this movie, will go to see it.  Yes, this is a faith based film.  I know that might turn some folks off.  Even if you are not someone who subscribes to a faith in Jesus Christ, I still believe that this movie is powerful enough to speak to your heart. 

I believe that a family is made up of a man, woman and children.  I believe that a marriage is made up of a man and woman.  I believe that God ordained this into existence and despite the efforts of some, it is still the truth.  I believe that children need both a father and a mother in that family.  I believe that both roles are equally important.  I believe that fathers and mothers are uniquely equipped to fulfill the role they are in.  I believe that children need both fathers and mothers in that family actively engaged in their specific parenting role. 

This movie points out some startling statistics.  These statistics illuminate the fact that children who grow up in fatherless homes or absentee fathers are more likely to make poor life choices, and wind up in trouble when they become adults.   The movie points out the fact that it is much easer to have children, than it is to be a real man, who engages his responsibilities as a father. That means that men need to be the spiritual leaders in their homes.  So many of us guys have been taught, that once we provide a place to live and provide food for the family that our jobs are done. 

It takes courage for a man to realize the need, his wife and children have of him, and to be responsible enough to provide that type of leadership in the home.  I have been a father to four children and I can attest to the fact that it is not an easy job.  Parenting requires courage, stamina and prayer.  Parenting is not for the feint of heart.  Parenting is a huge responsibility that can not, and should not be taken lightly.  Parenting requires a life time commitment.  Despite what some of us dad’s may think, parenting does not end when the children turn 18 and strike it out on their own.  In this economy, more and more children that are 18 to 25 are staying home because they can not afford to be on their own. 

Depending on the type of earthly father that you have had in your formative years, you may, or may not be, better equipped to be the type of father and husband your family desperately needs.  As I look back on my childhood I realize that while my father always provided for our physical needs he was absent spiritually and emotionally.  I was not raised in a faith based home, nor did I receive the kind of solid foundation that would provide.  As a father to my children, I have had to ignore how my father raised me, and I had to look for my own spiritual leaders and mentors from which to learn parenting skills from.  James Dobson has been one of the resources that I have listened to over the years. The bible also speaks to the role of a father and mother in the home.

No matter our situation, or how bad our childhoods might have been, there is hope.  Our hope rests in our faith in who Christ is in our lives.  Our hope rests in the fact that we can undo the chains of sin in our lives, and we can look to a heavenly father that will forgive us of our sins, wash us off and give us a new purpose.  Before we can be courageous as fathers and husbands in our homes, we need to quit playing games with God, and get down to business.  Our vertical relationship with our creator needs some repair, before we can ever hope to get our horizontal relationships with others where they need to be. 

I can hear some of you men reacting to this, as I write it.  OH COME ON NOW MAN, who do you think you are talking to anyway?  I do the best I can with what I have been given.  I know you are thinking these thoughts, because I too have those thoughts.  I do believe that most of us love our families, and want the very best for them.  I also believe that we can be better fathers and husbands.  I  believe that our families NEED for us to be better than mediocre husbands and fathers, who are just sliding by.  They need for us to love them, like Christ loves the church.  They need for us to serve them selflessly and to be willing to sacrifice ourselves for them. 

This is a challenge to YOU, fathers and husbands.  Please join me and many other men who want to know how to be courageous.  Watch the movie and let it speak to your heart.  Use this movie as a tool in which to retool the most important relationships of your life.  Your relationship with God, wife and children are the most important relationships you will ever have.  I believe that you will find that your family will respond to you, in a positive way, as you renew your commitments to them to be the best husband and father that you can be. 

Will you join me?  How can we help each other?  Tell me what you are doing today to be more courageous in your homes men. 


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  1. VERY well said James………..Applaud, applaud!!!!

  2. Don Chapman says:

    OH COME ON NOW MAN, who do you think you are talking to anyway? You know me, and I agree 100% with what you have said here. well written. I have not seen the movie, but it is at the top of my list! Thanks Bro!

  3. Don Chapman says:

    Okay I saw it with my wife yesterday. Awesome movie!

  4. You go, bro! Good word. Truth! Courageous is the best of the now four movies from the Sherwood Pictures brothers who also brought us Fly Wheel, Faciing the Giants, and Pireproof, … all movies made with few bucks but big impact.

    All of these flicks challenge us as men to be all we should be as husbands and fathers, … all we should be as men of God who desire to be Godly men. Thanks for your very pertinent summary of the message of the movie, Courageous.

    Blessings from the TN Berry Patch … Billy Bob