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Our faith in God and keeping it real

Like most of us I spend a portion of my time reading posts on Facebook and keeping up with the daily flow of events in the lives of my friends and acquaintances there. Quite a few of my Facebook “friends” are Christians and some of them are even folks I go to church with or live in another part of the world. It seems as if lately there has been an increase of people posting positive and uplifting messages about their faith in Jesus Christ and encourages everyone to copy those messages to their status windows. As I read these messages I can appreciate them and I identify with them. I also realize that while this is being done that there may be some folks that might be confused or disillusioned by the message that is being sent out on Facebook and the reality of what really happens in the real world. I wrote the following response below and thought it was worthy of a blog post as well.

I am looking for the scripture that says something all the lines of “yet by the grace of God go I”. The context of that scripture speaks more clearly to what I am trying to get across but until I find that specific scripture the one in 1 Co 15:10 will suffice.

(1Co 15:10) But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

The spirit of the living God calls us and we chose to follow. He has redeemed us and forgiven us of our sin therefore we should do our very best to put HIM first in all that we do. In our human frailty we struggle through our sanctification process desiring so much to serve HIM but are constantly distracted by the world around us that pulls us in every direction but Christ.

I enjoy seeing all of my Christian friends using FB and Twitter to lift up the name of Christ however I want to make sure that we are transparent with our faith and that we keep it as real as possible. Christian fluff to me is useless and confusing to everyone around us.

It is like my pastor said on Sunday. The church (us) is not known by the world to be a place of refuge or sanctuary. People do not feel comfortable getting help at church because they fear rejection and judgement from the people sitting in the churches. My pastor used the example of how the church loves to beat up homosexuals and jump on the hatred bandwagon but at the same time the church is full of folks who are committing fornication and not honoring the wedding vows before God. No wonder the world thinks the church is full of hypocrites.

We are real people living in a real world with real problems. As Christians the answer to those problems is Christ in us. As Christ lives in us and we draw closer to HIM then His light can shine forth brightly and then God can help us to live the type of lives that will glorify and honor him and then HE can use us as vessels that are worthy of being ministers of truth, compassion and mercy. We need to stop judging others and condemning others for their sins and pay more attention to the sin in our own lives and let God take care of the sins in the lives of others.

Our job is not to judge the sin in someone else’s life but rather to get our lives right before God and allow God to help us to show the Grace and Mercy and Love of God to others. Once we learn how to do that we can lead people to the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit can make the same changes in the hearts of other folks that he has made in ours.

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