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A new season

In less than 30 days we will be saying good bye to the house we are living in and moving down the street to a newer and more modern domicile.  Currently we are living in a 3 bedroom and 1 bath house that was built in the 1950’s era.  We moved here from Johns Island because we needed a cheaper place to live that was centrally located in Charleston.  We wanted the teenagers to be close to school and we needed to be halfway between Berkeley County where Katy did substitute teaching and Kiawah Island where I work.

It has been a short 3.5 years that we have lived here, and now it is time to move.  Our teenagers took the GED road instead of completing High School, so we no longer need to live close to a high school.  I just happened to find out about this townhouse through a friend of mine that we play cards with on Johns Island.  I had gone over there for our monthly card game and my friends wife was talking about a friend of theirs who is renting their town home.  They are charging 100.00 more than what we are paying for this house but it is much newer and nicer than what we are currently in.  Originally Katy and I had talked about finding a smaller house or apartment that was more economical.

I thought about the possibility of moving in but figured that with our 3 dogs, 3 cats and 3 kittens that the owner would charge an astronomical pet deposit and that would be the end of that.  I never called the owner but they wound up calling me instead.  Two weeks later and the deal has been confirmed.  The owner of the new place is a pet lover and we have made the proper arrangements for the critters to be outside in a fenced in area when we are at work during the day.  I am also thinning the herd and finding a new home for the cats and kittens.  As of this writing we only have one kitten left that my son begged me to keep for him.

It is amazing to me how this happened but right after we made the commitment to move Katy landed a teaching job in Berkeley county.  Katy will be teaching a special education class at Sedgefield Middle school.  Katy was certified as a teacher in South Carolina exactly one year ago in October of 2012.  Katy has been looking for a full time teaching job every since that month last year.  We have lost count as to how many interviews she has been on.  The road to full time employment for Katy has been nothing less than frustrating.  Katy has been able to substitute teach when school is in session during the school year, but this last year during the summer she was unable to find employment of any kind.  That means that she was not bringing in any income whatsoever and my pay check was being vaporized and not leaving any extra funds for emergencies.

There is nothing more frustrating than to get paid , pay the living expense bills and then be broke for the next 13 days.  I realize that there are a lot of folks in the world that are much less fortunate than we are so I get that.  I guess that we would like to be able to do more than merely survive from one pay check to the next.  We live by faith , one day at a time, hoping and praying that nothing happens to the one full time job, mine, that is sustaining our current life style.

I can only imagine what it must be like for those folks that were one income families that found themselves unemployed due to no fault of their own.  We have been there, done that and had no money for a tshirt.  Back in 2002 I was working a nice I.T. contract job in Greenville and we had relocated to Simpsonville SC.  That contract was ended prematurely by the company that hired the contracting firm and I went from making some serious cash to living on unemployment of 8 bucks per hour.  We went from living in a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house to a single wide trailer in Travelers Rest.  Our plans at that time was to be debt free within 18 months of working that contract job and we could have easily done it.

I suppose that it all boils down to perspective and priorities.  One of the ways that we survive is to learn how to live on a very strict budget.  If the expense is not on the budget it does not get paid.  You have X amount of dollars and you have to spread that out as best you can.  There is a complicated juggling act that has to be done in order to keep all of the utility companies and the landlord happy.  We also have had to learn how to live more frugally.  We have had to learn that when you go out to eat away from the house that you use coupons and share food.  That alone cuts your expense in half or more.  We have had to learn how to be content in the mean time.

We have had to learn how to stop comparing ourselves to our neighbors and friends.  We have had to learn that God is our provider and that He will take care of our needs and every once in a great while we get our wants.  In the book of Matthew in the new testament of the bible there is a scripture that says “Seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”  Sometimes it can be difficult to take your eyes off of your circumstances and put it where it belongs.




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  1. This is such good news! I hope you and Katy enjoy the new place, and I’m so happy to hear about her full time job.