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What to say, what to say

It appears that I completely skipped July and thus far half of August without posting one single thing to our blog.  I say “our blog” because my wife Katy does have the ability to post here but for the most part does not.  So, what in the world do I write here?  What to say, what to say….

Do you read this blog dear reader and if so, why?  What do you want me to write about if anything?

At the beginning of the year I spent some time in Evernote mapping out some topics to write about.  I guess you can see how far I have gotten with following up on that.  Maybe I need to revisit that notepad in Evernote and refresh my memory.

This is August the 13th and I am starting to wonder where time has flown to.  Is it just me or is time picking up speed?  Someone told me today at work that time is a constant and it does not go any faster or slower.  I guess maybe I am way too busy and it seems as if time is flying by.

My daughter said something the other day that rang true with regards to our life style choices.  Like most folks Katy and I have chosen to work for a pay check so that we can afford a life style that gives us a roof over our heads, food on the table, a place to take a shower and some extra stuff like cable, Internet and a vehicle to drive.  My daughter and her male friend are hitching rides around the U.S.  They have chosen to live a much cheaper life style which does not include those things I listed above.  She mentioned on Facebook that most people look down on her chosen life style because it does not measure up to other folks expectations.  She told them to sip on their yuppie civilization life style while she drinks on her choice of freedom from all of that.

I guess life would be much easier and less hectic if I chose to work less and have less.  Maybe Kristina is on to something?  Maybe I should get rid of some of the crap we have not that I believe we have a whole lot of extra stuff.  I am sure there are plenty of folks out there that own way more and way less than we do.  When I think about it, my budget is reflective of those things that I am having to pay for to support our chosen life style.  Let’s look at what we pay for.

Rent for an apartment

Renters Insurance

Water, sewer and trash

Car payment

Car insurance

Car maintenance

Car gasoline

Car taxes

Car tags

Cable TV and Internet



Furniture payment

One revolving credit line

As I look at that list, housing and transportation takes a lions share of my living expenses and the rest of the bills equal to living expenses for extra stuff that we probably do not need.  Where am I going with all of this?  Our needs and our wants are always at war with one another and if we are not careful the lines will get blurred and all of a sudden we think our wants ARE our needs when they are not.

I would like to think that we have a solid grasp on what our needs and wants are and our wants take up a small portion of my income.  We sing the song, “we owe we owe and off to work we go.”  Maybe we are slaves to our jobs because we are so in debt to “stuff” that we really do not need.  We think we need stuff but in reality we really need peace of mind and good health more.  Someone told me the other day that “health is wealth” and that we should be very thankful if we have good health.  We can have a bank account full of cash but if we are sick or miserable then how much does that cash mean?  I know that you can use some of the cash to get medical care but that does not guarantee a cure for whatever ails you.

I guess my daughter and those who seek a cheaper life style are on the opposite side of the spectrum from us yuppie civilization folks, who are up to our eyeballs in debt. I would hope that there is a balance between the two extremes.   How do we find balance dear reader.  What have you done to lighten that debt load and live without pursuing more and more stuff?



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Welcome subscribers

I turned on “registered users” in my WP setup yesterday as I was tweaking the settings to the new version.  The registered user is set to subscriber so I am not sure if this means they will get an e-mail when I post something or not.  If you are a registered user on please let me know if you receive e-mail updates when I post.   Thanks for reading this blog and website.

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Focusing on today

I was reminded recently of how important it is to keep my eyes on the cross. I must not compare myself to others. Doing so will only serve to inflate my ego and fool myself into thinking I am better. Even worse, it could cause me to become sad and defeated because I fail to measure up.

My focus must be on living in the day that God has given me and not worry about the future or the mistakes of the past. It does no good to dwell on my failures. That would only serve to fuel negativity. I can not serve God while feeling sorry for my mistakes. I must focus on the cross and the gift of life and grace that He has given me. I must focus on the life and health that I have today. Life lasts for a season and it is up to me how I will live it. I must take control of my emotions and focus my mind in those things that are worthy of building my life on. Those things include my love for God, family, church and friends. Everything else is secondary to those things.

Life is those things that happen to us. We will always experience negative things that happen to us and around us. I chose to find the lessons that need to be learned from life and to grow stronger because of them. I chose to not let the negative garbage in life tear me down and destroy my inner peace. My faith in the work on the cross of Calvary gives me an anchor to hold onto in the midst of life’s storms.

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All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Computers

The image on my last blog post was not big enough for you to see it so I wanted to try and post it this way. It is worth the read. 


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Random thoughts

Where to start is always the quandry I find myself in when it comes to writing. I love to write but I sometimes wonder if what I am about to write is even worth the effort and if it is I always seem to struggle with where to start with my thoughts.  Someone said that writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.  The person that said that must have done a lot of writing because they know what they are talking about.  Something else that I heard at a meetup last year really was funny but true.  This person said that writing involves vomiting on the page and then going back later and having to clean up.  The word picture does not leave much to be desired when it comes to the mental image however that is the analogy that I think about when I try to get started. 

We are already more than halfway through March 2010 and tax time is upon us.  Once again the IRS is forcing us to be accountable for the taxes we did or did not pay.  For the first time in a long time it appears that we are due a refund thanks to both of us being full time students.  I heard the other day that the IRS is going to be the governmental agency in charge of the new nationwide healthcare plan.  I know that there are a lot of folks that are up in arms over this new health care reform.  I am like most people in that I feel that there are some flaws with the plan.  I also believe that there are some positives with regards to the plan.  One of the very good changes that will take place is that people in America that can not afford to purchase health care benefits will now be able to see a doctor when they need to see the doctor.  My family has experienced what it is like to be underemployed and not have an employer subsidized or sponsored medical health care plan.  On several occasions I have had to drive across town to a free clinic just to get my blood pressure medicine prescritption written because I did not have insurance nor could I afford 120.00 just to see the doctor so he could write the prescription. 

One of the other positives about this health plan is that the insurance companies that now control what kind of test or procedure that you may or may not have will no longer have control over our health care needs.  I am not sure that putting our health care into the hands of our federal government is the answer either.  Will our government make better choices than the monolithic insurance companies that preceded them or will they be even worse with our medical needs? Will the medical profession be able to keep up with the increased demand of people that now will be able to receive care or will there be huge waiting lists that will require for us to wait for months on end before we can be seen for anything?

I have another 5 or 6 weeks and Spring semester for Trident Technical College will be over.  I have to admit that I am looking forward to a mental break from school for two months because I am taking the summer off.  It appears that we will be moving at the end of May or the beginning of June since our landlord has been forced to put the house we are in on the market.  I hope that our landlord who is also a friend will be able to sell their home quickly and that we will be able to move out to West Ashley which will put us halfway between Duck Ditch where we go to church and Kiawah where I work.  This will also put us closer to the Seacoast West Ashley church where the teens attend Groundswell on Sunday afternoons. 

This Saturday 40,000 people will be filling downtown Charleston as they attend the annual bridge run and walk.  I can not imagine how crowded that is going to be.  I know that I will not be getting anywhere near downtown or the Ravenel bridge come Saturday morning.  I hope that they have good weather and there are no reports of any injuries or major problems.

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