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Our stories and how they impact us

I keep finding myself being encouraged to tell my story. I love to write about things that I am passionate about. This blog has been an outlet for writing about things I am passionate about.

Angie Mizzell lives in Charleston with her family and she recently helped to produce a show called “Listen to your mother”.

I love to read Angie’s blog. Angie has the ability to keep it real. I love to hear about her family and the different parts of her story that she shares. Here is something that Angie shares about Listen to your Mother

That got me thinking about our everyday life, and what we choose to reveal about ourselves. Maybe the reason we don’t open up and share more of who we really are is because it doesn’t feel safe. We’re afraid of judgment and ridicule. As I observe the harsh interactions that happen on blogs and social media, and even face-to-face sometimes—I believe the fear of speaking our truth is valid.”

I believe that Angie is right on target with this assessment of why people are hesitant to share their stories. Maybe that is one of the reasons I have not opened up Pandora ’s Box and shared my story.

Here is another quote from Angie.

Telling our stories is always a risk. Sometimes, we’ll get the wind knocked out of us when our stories aren’t respected or they are used against us. But we need to tell them anyway. We need to let people see us, and know us.”

Maybe one of the reasons that I have not decided to share my story is because I would rather leave those memories locked down tight and the thought of revisiting them is something I would rather not entertain. People being able to identify with my story and get something positive out of it is something I need to wrap my head around.

Over the next couple of days, weeks and months I will venture into the unknown and start to share bits and pieces of my story and see what happens. At very least , my sharing those pieces of my story, may serve to provide me with some healing and freedom from the past.

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