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Living on the edge of America

The horrible tragedy in Newton CT has been broadcast to the world non-stop. One of the drawbacks of instant access to news all across the globe is that it can be overwhelming. I find myself wanting to turn it off. I find it disturbing that I am constantly reminded of the evil in this world. I find it disturbing that someone has once again disturbed the peace and calm of humanity by a senseless act of violence.  

This morning I had to smile as I watched a video from channel 2 in West Tennessee. One unemployed father who is a marine dusted off his uniform and decided to stand guard outside of his daughter’s school. He decided to do this because his daughter has been affected by the senseless violence in Newton. His daughter told her daddy that she was afraid to go back to school. Her sense of peace, calm and safety had been damaged.

In the wake of another senseless school shooting the Americans have become polarized in their attempt to identify the cause and affect of what has happened. I suppose we are all trying to make sense of what has happened and why. Gun control activists are asking for more gun control laws. The logic in this is that if there were no guns then people would stop using them to kill people. I understand that logic but I do not agree with it.

I believe that guns are not evil. People who use guns to hurt and kill other people are evil. I personally own several weapons and I have them for the purpose of self-defense and the defense of my family and loved ones. I have obtained these weapons legally by purchasing them and taking the appropriate concealed weapons permit class in South Carolina. I chose to not be a victim. I chose to be the sheep dog or guardian of my family. Having weapons is only one of many tools in my personal self-defense plan.

In the wake of the latest incident it appears that the young man who killed his mother and father had a history of mental illness. I wonder if the mom and dad were unaware of this or if they were why did they not have better control over their weapons? If there were danger signs present why didn’t the young man receive the proper mental health treatments he needed? While our leaders are working on more gun control laws I hope that they focus their attention on the severely lacking mental health issues that are being swept under the rug.  

I also hope that our lawmakers focus on stricter criminal control laws as well. If someone uses a firearm in the commission of a crime then the laws should be severe enough to make people think twice about doing it. I realize that other countries have laws that are nothing short of Draconian. In other words if you commit a crime the punishment for that crime is severe enough to actually lower crime statistics.   If people know that the punishment is swift and severe they will think twice about doing it.

Of course, that only applies to sane people who know the difference from right and wrong. People who have jumped off the cliff of insanity and feel that they have nothing to lose will not care about this.

I also hope that our lawmakers will focus on providing our schools with adequate security. I believe that every school should have trained security personnel that will help to prevent this type of violence from happening again. I believe that if teachers chose to get a concealed weapons permit, and carry a concealed weapon in his or her classroom, then that could be an option. I also believe that teachers should not have to be focused on providing security for their children. Teachers should be focused on educating our children and molding them into the future leaders of tomorrow.

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