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Bod4God Week 4

I joined a Bod4God weight loss life group at church.  Katy and I joined Coastal Community Church in West Ashley in October of 2011.  It was time for me to end a season at the previous church and move on.  So, I finally let go of the emotional struggle of it all, and made the decision.  Katy was more enthusiastic about the change than I was.  I followed her and I believe that over time I will get more comfortable in this new church.  There are quite a few differences in this new church home compared to our last one.  The biggest difference is the number of people there.  On most Sunday mornings we were lucky to have 45 people in attendance during the one service.  At Coastal there are hundreds of folks that attend one of three services.  We have gotten comfortable with going to the 6 pm service.  There are less people and they have dinner afterwards.  I know Katy likes that because it relieves her of the burden to fix supper on Sunday night. 

Coastal Community has what they call life groups.  These life groups are designed for smaller groups of people to get together and focus on a specific topic and to live life together.  The groups promote focusing on Christ and living a more Christ like life and working towards serving each other.  The church believes that one of its primary functions is to equip the saints for ministry.  Ministry is doing whatever it takes to be more Christ like ourselves and to reach the community that we live in for Christ. 

With that in mind, I looked at the list of scheduled life groups and I joined the Bod4God group and the Mens fellowship group.  I have enjoyed both of these groups thus far and I am still getting to know the people in the groups.  The Bod4God life group is helping me to get more focused with regards to losing weight and getting healthier.  Over the last year and a half I have been getting more exercise and I saw myself lose 45 lbs and three inches in my waist.  I also watched myself go on a roller coaster ride of losing weight and gaining it back.  I have gained 30 of the 45 lbs I lost back.  Before I joined the Bod4God life group I was looking at what I was doing as just maintaining my current weight. 

One of the things that I like about the Bod4God life group is that it is helping me to focus on some important aspects of healthy living.  I am receiving good information about what I need to eat and what I need to stay way from.  I am learning about portion control and not to be an emotional eater.  I am learning that I need to drink a LOT more water than I am used to.  I am learning that I should reduce the amount of diet sodas I drink.  I am learning that I need to eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. 

Week four has us focusing on the “members” of our body and how we are to dedicate those members to God.  I am learning that there is nothing accidental about living healthier.  You have to break old habits and replace them with new and healthier habits.  I am learning to take baby steps each week.  I am being told what to do and to pick a couple of things to change and then do it.  I think that my biggest struggles are listed below.

Staying out of fast food restaurants as much as possible

I need to drink more water.  I am doing some better in this area.

I need to eat smaller portions

I need to stop snacking and eating bad things late at night.

I need to think about what I am about to eat  BEFORE I stick it in my mouth

Katy and I need to buy healthier foods at the store and not have unhealthy things in our home. 

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