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Apple MacBook Pro

Thanks to a friend of mine who owns a local computer shop I was able to try out a MacBook Air. After using the MacBook Air for about two weeks I decided to upgrade to a MacBook Pro.

I will list the things I like about MacBook Air first.

  • very light weight and easy to carry
  • SSD drive gives you instant on and off
  • very small platform so easy to sit anywhere
  • very mobile device

Now for the list of things I do not like about it

  • you can NOT upgrade the ram or hard drive
  • no super drive
  • no ethernet port
  • only two USB ports
  • small 11 inch screen
  • no media card reader

Now, with that said, I do have the new iPad. That means that I already have something that fits the bill for media consumption. If I did not have the iPad then I would be ok with the MacBook Air.

I use computers all day long for both business and personal use. I decided that the MacBook Air limits me too much. It seemed as if every time I turned around I was wanting to do something I could not do.

I upgraded to the MacBook Pro and here is what I love about it

  • 13 inch monitor with great video
  • 500 gb hard disk
  • dual boot Mac OSX (Lion) 7 Windows 7 Pro
  • 4 GB of RAM (upgradeable)
  • backlit keyboard
  • webcam
  • card reader
  • twice as fast as the MacBook Air

I have supported both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh for years. I always tell people that they need to use the tool that will get the job done. It does not always have to be either Microsoft or Apple all the time. I own both Intel Personal Computers and Apple products. One of the things that I love about Apple products are the following two things.

  • they just work
  • the apple care customer support is out of this world

I am configuring my MacBook Pro with the software I will need in order to enjoy social media as well as be productive. I have Adobe CS5 installed as well as Microsoft Office for Mac. i am writing this blog post with a Mac blogging program called Ecto. The product gives you a 21 day trial and only costs 19.95 compared to the other products that are 40.00. That is not to say that the other products are not any good, this application is more budget conscious for me.

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