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Katy needs brain surgery soon

I hate to ask for help but unfortunately we have to cough up 2300.00 immediately in order for my sweet wife to have a much needed brain surgery.  Katy has had the brain tumor since 2010 and it has caused her to lose hearing in her right ear.  Since 2010 the tumor has grown to the point where she has been having problems with her balance and has caused her to fall.  We had an MRI done and the surgeons told her that surgery seems to be the option for now.  MUSC, where the surgery is to be done is requiring that we pay 2300.00 up front before the surgery can go forward.  We created a Gofundme account where folks can donate if they are able to.

Your prayers, positive thoughts and support will be most welcomed.


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Challenges in 2016

We are 3.5 months into the new year and there has not been any lack of challenging events.

The biggest challenge has been to convince our insurance carrier, Cigna, to authorize an MRI for my wife Katy.  In 2011 Katy was diagnosed with a brain tumor after discovering that the hearing in her right ear was greatly diminished.  Fast forward to 2015 and 2016 and Katy has a hard time with her balance to the point she has been falling a lot.  Katy went to see an ENT the other day and he agrees that there needs to be a new MRI done to see if the tumor has grown which he thinks it has.  Cigna is not authorizing the MRI because they do not see any clinical evidence for her to have the exam.  There is no clinical evidence because the doctors at MUSC are not entering the proper notes for her medical records. 

Our next challenge has been to reduce our living expenses down to the bare minimum.  We were fortunate enough to reduce our rent 50% and that has certainly helped.  Our car payment is higher than I would like for it to be but thanks to less than stellar credit it is what it is.  We are being forced to ditch our cable provider and do without cable TV.  I believe that I could do without cable TV for much longer than I could do without Internet connectivity.  Luckily for us I have a MiFi that allows us to connect without depending on Comcast. 

Both of us are battling with our weight and the need to reduce it so we can increase our quality and longevity of life.  We want to be healthier so we can feel better physically and be able to get around better.  Katy has been fighting with a back issue that causes pain to shoot down her leg.  We got her a shot in 2015 and after insurance it cost us 800.00.  She needs to get another one but we just cant afford those prices.  That means that Katy cant work since she is unable to stand for any longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Along with Cigna we are fighting with the Social Security Administration as we try to get them to authorize Katy being on disability.  She was denied the first time in 2015 and now we have engaged with a law firm in Mt Pleasant that specializes in this sort of thing.  They told Katy that it typically takes about 20 months to get approved but that she could get denied several more times before she is approved. 

Despite our challenges we are still together.  We love one another and support one another in whatever ways we can.  God has blessed us with having our needs met.  We need to remember that needs are different than wants and that we cannot compare ourselves to others. 

Our son Justin is living downtown Charleston with his girlfriend and he is attending Trident Tech. At first he wanted to be a geologist but has now changed to wanting to be an RN.  Kristina landed somewhere in Louisiana and seems to be liking it there. 

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Beating the obesity monster 2015

So, 2015 will be upon us in a few short days and I am putting together a plan.  A plan that I intend to follow to the best of my ability.  I realize that there will be good and bad days but I plan to not allow anything to deter me from the path.  Plans are very easy to put together and even harder to follow.

Here are some of the changes I am attempting to make.

A. Logging my calories at
B. Using Endomondo app on IOS to track walking each day
C. making better food choices
D. making myself accountable to YOU to stay on track
E. asking God in prayer to give me the ability to just DO IT.

Will you join me by doing the following?

A. Create an account on
B. Use Endomondo or whatever other app on smart phone to track exercise
C. Enter your food choices for each meal on
D. Make yourself accountable through conversation here on this FB group
E. join with me in prayer asking God to give us success in this area of our lives

You can also join us on the Facebook Group called Beating Obesity Monster 2015. I look forward to seeing you there.


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Weight loss and where do you start?

I have been struggling with weight loss for at least 10 years now. I did not wake up one morning and I was fat.  It was a slow gradual process, sort of like putting the frog in a pan of cold water and slowly turning up the heat until one shocking moment arrives and the frog realizes he is dinner. I think that is the way it is for us. Time goes on and we grow older and the weight just creeps up on us.  When I was in my 20’s I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about it.  When I was in grade school and high school I was very active.  I played basketball for 5 years in school, ran 10 miles a day and lifted weights.  I was very athletic and in shape.  As I entered into adult life my priorities changed and I found myself having to focus on working and paying bills and surviving in the real world.  At some point exercise and wellness became a thing of the past and it did not occur to me that in order to stay well exercise and eating healthy needed to be a life long life skill.  


A picture of me in 2008

In September or October of last year a friend of mine at work turned me on to Take Shape for Life.  This is a wellness program that helps you to make a radical change in your eating habits.  I do not believe that regular exercise is an integral part of the program but I am sure that they encourage it if you are physically able to. Take Shape for Life to me was like taking a smoker and one day removing all cigarettes from them and telling them you will never smoke again.  I walked around angry for about 2 weeks because I had committed to removing the foods I loved to eat from my diet.  I hate the word diet so we can substitute eating habits if you like.  No matter how hard I tried I just could not convince myself that the food substitutes that they provide for you tastes like real food.  There were a couple of snack items that they provided that were not that bad but all in all my success with the program failed hopelessly.

I did learn some things from Take Shape for Life however.  Here are a couple of things that I learned.

A. I have to want to lose weight for me and no one else.

B. I should want to lose weight because I want to have a normal healthy life

C. I should want to lose weight because I want to feel better and look better

D. I should want to lose weight because I want to live longer

E. I should want to lose weight because I do not want to live through the consequences of obesity



Picture of me in Sept of 2010

The hardest thing for me was to come to the reality of not doing something about the weight problem. I came to the realization that if I wanted to lose weight that I had to want it bad enough.  No one else is going to be more motivated than me to lose weight.   In other words I could not depend on someone else’s motivation to make the decision to do it. I had (still have) a monkey on my back and the only person that is going to get rid of it is me. I can lean on friends and family for encouragement and help but ultimately it is going to me that has to do the work.  

Take Shape for Life was not the program for me however it did help me to shock the system for two weeks and during that time I noticed a couple of things.  I did lose about 25 pounds and I felt so much better.  I did not lose 25 lbs in two weeks but that came off over a period of about 6 weeks.  I transitioned myself off of Take Shape for Life to a modified Adkins eating plan where I cut out as many carbs as I could. Here are some things that I stopped eating on a regular basis and sometimes not at all.

A. potatoes

B. pastas

C. white bread

D. sugary soda pops

E. sweet tea

F. regular ice cream

G. white rice

H. sweets such as candy, cakes, pies etc.

That is a very basic list of things that I cut out of my diet and with some regular walking I started to see some more weight fall off of me.  Between November of last year and about January or March of 2010 I started having major problems with my left knee to the point that I needed a walker to just get around.  That meant that I was unable to walk in our neighborhood and that was depressing to me because I knew that I needed to walk. 

One day I got sick and tired of being depressed about my weight problem and decided to switch doctors and go to a doctor that one of my co workers referred me to.  I had a full physical expecting some of the results to come back with bad results.  The doctor and I were amazed at the fact that there was nothing wrong with any of the blood tests.  Everything was in perfect order when it comes to blood sugar and cholesterol.  The doctor told me that I would be around a long time and he also agreed with me that I need to lose some weight. I realized and was reinforced with the fact that if I continued to let the weight stay where it was that I was a candidate for a stroke or heart attack.  One of the side affects of obesity is high blood pressure and I have been on meds for that for several years now.

We moved to West Ashley in June of 2010 and I am now about 7 minutes from Citadel Mall. My son and I went to the mall one day doing some exploring and I found Planet Fitness. The sign on the outside of Planet Fitness said membership is 10.00 per month with no contract.  I looked at Justin and told him that I had no excuse not to join with the cost being as low as it is and my being so close to the mall. I have been going to Planet Fitness now since the end of June. I go three to four times per week and when I go I do not play games.  I get on the elliptical trainer and I run for 30 to 40 minutes at a very brisk pace.  I get my heart rate up to 145 to 155 bpm which is in the 80 to 90% fitness range for my age.  I am 48 years old and I weigh 328 lbs as of today.  I am of the opinion that if I can do this anyone can.  Most folks I know are no where near as obese as I am so that means to me that it will be e
asier for them to do this physically than it is for me. 

When folks look at me they figure me at about 270 lbs but I am very big boned and I carry the weight well. When I started this journey last year I was close to 366 pounds. I was at a size 58 pants and I had resorted to wearing shirts that I could wear on the outside of my pants so I could mask the weight issue. I felt bad, my knee and feet hurt me to the point that I needed a walker to get around. My self image was in the basement and I was not really happy with myself.  Put all of that together and all I was able to do was to go back and forth to work and church and that was about it.  I was too self conscious about how I looked to bother going out into public because I was just too embarrassed about how I looked. 

In the last month I have taken 5 pairs of pants to the cleaners and had them taken in 2.5 inches.  The pants are at size 54 and they are starting to get loose on me already.  I am looking forward to having them taken in some more between now and January 1st 2011. I have said this before and I will say it again.  Losing weight is a lot of hard work. My weight loss was jump started by regular aerobic exercise.  I realize that not everyone is as obese as I am and therefore maybe they do not need to be as extreme with their work out habits. We are all on our own unique individual journeys and that will require an honest assessment of where we are and to set some goals.  My goal is to lose 110 lbs between June of 2010 and June of 2011.  That means I have a lot of work to do and I have to change my eating habits in a radical way.  I have a good head start and I have seen some improvement which makes me happy and it is motivating me to keep on keeping on with what I am doing and to improve upon it. 

Most, if not all of the battle to lose weight is in your mind and heart. Your flesh is not going to want to get on an elliptical trainer or do circuit training with weights. Trust me when I tell you this, if you listen to your body its natural tendencies will be to whine and moan and complain that it wants to stay at home in bed or in the recliner or couch with a bag of potato chips or a bowl of ice cream and do nothing.  You have to decide that you are sick of being the way you are and be determined to make some life changes.  We all get to that point differently and we all need different types of motivation and encouragement.  The important thing for you to understand is that you can do it.  You have the ability within yourself to do whatever it takes.  One of the first steps to making these life changes is to educate yourself on what changes that need to be made.  If you are struggling within yourself on making those changes then you may need to ask God to help you. Every single day when I am on the elliptical trainer I quote Philippians 4:13 that says “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.

I have faith that God in me can give me the strength to keep going and to do the exercise even though my body is screaming that it wants to stop and go find that bowl of ice cream.  I will tell you that the longer that you do regular exercise the easier it does get.  I have found that my body is slowly but surely responding to the exercise and now I am looking forward to going to the gym and starting my day off with a good work out. You will be very happy in how much better you feel and how much energy you will get because of it. 

In my next “Wellness” blog posts I am going to try and focus on specifics. You know my story now and I am hopeful that it will help you to jump start what you need to do to get motivated. I would encourage you to respond via the comment section of my blog and let me know how you feel or where you are at in your wellness program or let me know you need encouragement to just get started.  My desire is to share my journey with as many people as possible so that others like me can find success now and in the future.  This journey is not a part time effort or only for a season, it is for life.  We can do this if we take it one day at a time, one prayer at a time, one decision at a time. 

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Weight Loss milestone on 10/10/10

The Dallas Cowboys are commonly referred to as...

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Sunday usually consists of church attendance, lunch, studying and then Dallas Cowboys football.  My 15 year old son, Justin wanted to go to the gym this morning so we got up at 7 am and headed to Planet Fitness.  We had a very good work out and we ran into one of Justin’s “big brother” friends that he met through Happy Days and Special Times.  I am very thankful that Mark has taken an interest in Justin and spends some time with him and is an excellent role model for him to look up to.

Today is 10/10/10 which is a very unique date.  I want to celebrate this date by highlighting a weight loss milestone that I reached recently.  I took 5 pairs of pants to the cleaners last week and had them taken in 2 inches.  I still have a lot of weight to lose and I am hoping that by October 10, 2011 that I will have lost 50% of that goal.  I have been faithfully going to Planet Fitness three to four days per week since the end of June and working out 90 mintues every time I go.  I am primarily focusing on getting a good aerobic workout on the elliptical trainer which I run on for 30 minutes and burn 400 calories.  I then do circuit training for another hour on the weight machines.

My goal is to lose 1 lb per week and thus far I have lost between 1 and 4 lbs per week.  Now that I have established a habit of getting regular exercise I need to get just as serious with my eating habits.  I do not believe that my eating habits are horrible but I believe that if I were to make smarter choices as to what I eat that I could lose more weight than I am at this time.  At night time Katy usually makes a lean meat and vegetables for supper.   I have cut out most of the snacks after supper which is good and if I have to snack on something I try to eat sunflower seeds.  That leaves breakfast and lunch as the two meals I need to get under control.  It is not that I eat too much but I do need to make better choices.

Every day brings a new day of hope and opportunity and I plan on making the most of it.  I want to be living as healthy as possible and hopefully increase my quality of life.