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It is said that time heals all wounds. It is also said that absence makes a heart grow fonder. In the last couple of days I have been thinking of an old friend.

As much as I have tried ,it has been difficult to put them out of my mind. This friend came into my life and left footprints in my heart. We have so many things in common. Unfortunately we had our differences that ultimately derailed our friendship. Thanks to social media and technology, I am being reminded of this friendship and what it means to me. I am being reminded of the fact that the friendship is more important to me than our differences. At one point I allowed those differences to turn into a storm that caused a lot of conflict. That conflict damaged our friendship to the point that my friend no longer wanted to talk to me. I was angry, they were angry, we were both hurt. Nevertheless the foot prints are still there. As for me, that relationship is not something that I want to destroy for all eternity. That person and their friendship is more precious to me to allow it to completely disappear.

I am hoping that time has healed old wounds, and that we both can reconcile our differences, and our paths can come together again. I want to do my part to make amends and I am hopeful that they are too. I believe that people are more important than any ideology or belief. I also believe that we should not have to destroy friendships over ideology or beliefs. I am hopeful that our differences and diversity in who we are, will add and strengthen friendships, and not tear them apart.

Perhaps I am guilty as charged in this case. I allowed my belief system and principles to become more important than my friendship. I was not willing to compromise. I was hell bent on expressing my view points and telling the other person how I felt, no matter how it hurt them. Looking back, that was awfully short sighted and stupid of me.

I am hoping that my friend will forgive me. I hope that they still read my blog and that they will accept my apology. I hope that they will give me another chance. I hope that they miss me as much as I miss them. Only time will tell.   


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