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If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will – The Meta Picture

If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will – The Meta Picture.

I thought this video was well worth sharing with you, my readers.  🙂  How much time do we waste on social media?  I have to confess that I waste way too much time on Facebook and Google Plus.  I do have a G+ and Twitter account but most of the time I find myself glued to my Facebook news feed.

As I was watching this video I was reminded of why I go on a long walk with my dog Willow most evenings.  There are three main reasons.  One reason is to get off my rear end and go walk for the sole purpose of getting some exercise.  I spend most of my day flying keyboards at work and there is not much physical activity doing that.  I need to get some exercise of some sort.  The second reason is so I can unplug from social media.  Yes, I take my iPhone with me on the walk but it is there in case I need to call for help.  I rarely ever look at FB on my telephone.  If I can’t view social media on my laptop or iPad I probably will not look at it.  I guess that makes me a device snob but oh well.   The other reason I go for a walk with Willow is because I am fond of her and I love seeing her run free and having fun.   Poor Willow is stuck at home by her self most days.  Willow deserves to be able to run and romp and sniff and sniff and sniff and….. well, you get the picture.

I believe that social media is a powerful tool that does connect us at a certain level. It allows us to stay connected at a superficial level.  It helps us to know that the other person is alive and still with us since we can see them posting whatever it is they are posting.  There are some folks that fall into the TMI  category because they post their dirty laundry and drama for everyone to see. Then there are those of us that are smart enough to target what we speak about to specific audiences in social media.  I like to keep on top of 2nd amendment and self defense topics and I have a specific audience that I share that information with.  I have several interests and each of those interests are shared with their own specific audience.  Not everyone is interested in the same thing so it is good to be intelligent about what we share with whom.

I also believe that it is very difficult to make a solid connection with someone through a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Sure, we can swap words and funny stories and videos.  All of that is entertaining but it still does not give me that deep connection that would lend to having a good relationship.  I am not much of a social butterfly but social media has helped me to reach out virtually and in real time as well.  I still prefer to sit down with someone over a cup of coffee or whatever other drink that is preferred and have a heart to heart with them.  Listening to the tone of voice and seeing the body language when someone talks brings the conversation into the 3 dimensional level and gives the conversation much needed life.  Making eye contact and experiencing the emotions and passions of the other person is priceless.

This video is convincing me that I need to disconnect from social media more so that I can reconnect with humanity more.  Yes, it can be scary but it is not impossible.

Who wants to disconnect from Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, G+ and get together in real life this weekend?


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