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Bill of Rights and Social Media

The 1st amendment to the constitution of the United States provides us with the right to free speech. Our country might be one of the few, if not the only one, who provides this right to their citizens. It is also part of the Bill of Rights. A right means that it is not a privilege that can be taken away by the government. In recent weeks several social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter decided to suspend the POTUS account indefinitely. We are talking about the sitting president of the United States. They suspended his account because they do not support what he has to say. With the click of a button they shut him off. Needless to say, there are a lot of patriots who take exception with this. Social media giants are going down a very slippery slope. If they do not approve of your political affiliation or your ideology then they feel that they can shut off your account and thereby silence you. Where in the Bill of Rights is there a free speech zone? If you go to a state or federal government building they have cordoned off places where you can exercise your 1st amendment rights.

Facebook has been exercising their rights as a private company to censor conservatives and 2A friendly companies. Facebook groups that have anything to do with the 2nd amendment or anything to do with guns are being censored and shut down. There have been many banks who have stopped doing business with gun shops or gun manufacturers. The thing we have to remember is that social media giants are private companies. They are free to do as they see fit whether you agree with them or not. Follow the money. Agenda driven politics happens at the local, state and federal levels. That includes corporate board rooms. If advertisers do not support a given agenda or political viewpoint they can take their money somewhere else.

I will go as far as to say that the Bill of Rights contain God given rights. Our founding fathers wrote the constitution believing that We The People have inalienable rights given by God that no government has a right to trample on. Somewhere our leaders have gone astray. Our elected officials in the house or representatives and the senate are supposed to be serving the same people who elected them to office. Being an elected official was not supposed to be a career choice. Our mistake back in the beginning was not setting term limits. Now we have career politicians who have lost sight of why they are there. Many of our elected representatives have become millionaires while in office. How is that possible? Follow the money.

We The People need to wake up and pay attention to the blatant disregard of our bill of rights. Once the 2nd amendment and 1st amendment to the constitution of these United States are abolished the rest of the amendments are null and void. Our constitutional republic will be replaced with democratic socialism. That is one step away from communism folks.

It is time for us to count the cost and sound the alarm. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to do what is necessary today. Will you join me?

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