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Mesothelioma – Spirituality and Prayer

The following blog post is taken from the Mesothelioma Resource Online. Here is the beginning of this blog post.  "Spirituality is the recognition of something outside of the self in contrast to worldly things. It is often expressed by praying, but … [Read more]

Is the ocean too loud?

I left the protective cover of light and familiar surroundings, and headed to the rushing sound. The sound was so loud that it seemed to mask all other sounds. As I walked the path of asphalt, and continued on to the boardwalk, I was greeted by … [Read more]


Kiawah Island SC We are in limbo with regards to permanent addresses.  We pushed the reset button on our finances and moved out of our apartment in Ladson.  I finally realized that we need to learn how to live on my income alone, and not depend on … [Read more]

Money Management 101

Money Management 83015 One of the most powerful things we can do as humans is to tell our story.  We all have one.  We have stories that we are proud of and some that we are not so proud of.  For the most part we like to hide the bad and ugly … [Read more]

Happy Birthday Angel Jessica

    Today our Jessica Ann would be 25 years old.  Jessica is our 2nd oldest child next to Jeremy Moffitt who is 29.  Today is also the 14th anniversary of the World Trade Center twin towers being attacked.  I remember both events as … [Read more]

Guest Post – Families and Finding Support Groups

Families and Finding Support Groups Families dealing with a debilitating disease, like a diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma cancer, often can find much-needed help with a support group. Finding one that fits your individual needs isn't easy, but … [Read more]

What happened to modesty and consideration ?

Despite what you may think, I am not a prude.  I guess I have an unrealistic expectation of my fellow man when it comes to being considerate and showing some modesty in public. Katy and I live in a nice gated community.  Please let me highlight … [Read more]

Memorial Day is not happy

This is Memorial Day weekend 2015 I think that some Americans are confused about what this holiday is. No, it is not Labor Day. No, it is not Independence Day. It is not Veterans Day. I think some folks confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day. … [Read more]

German youth get a new beginning and hope for the future

Children are to be seen and not heard. That rule was in full force when my sister and I went with our parents to go visit anyone, including our own relatives. We spoke when spoken to. We asked permission to do anything. We never interrupted the adult … [Read more]

25 years of marriage as of May 12th

    As of May 12th Katy Moffitt and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.  That is right, back in 1990 we stood in a Baptist church in Houston Texas and before God, friends and family we vowed to be husband and wife no matter what.  For … [Read more]