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Now that President Trump is in the oval office he has illuminated the need to provide proper screening for refugees pouring across our borders. The President has also suggested that we should build a wall between us and Mexico. This is a very … [Read more]

living in the moment

So, the year 2016 sucked in ways we would have never dreamed of. Who knew that Katy would have to have five surgeries and endure two different rehabs? Three of the surgeries were for a brain tumor and then the discovery of ovarian cancer. Starting … [Read more]

Hell has frozen over

Yes, that is right. You read that correctly. It is 29 F in Charleston South Carolina and I can see ice outside of my front door. Hell has certainly frozen over. In the upstate of South Carolina and other geographical locations west and northwest … [Read more]

Blogging, is it a thing of the past?

The hosting provider for our domain contacted me last night and told me that they were moving several websites/blogs to a different server and that I would need to point our domain to a new IP address and change our A record and MX record so things … [Read more]

Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us once again. It seems as if we just finished celebrating it not too long ago. 2016 really zoomed past my family and I and we are hoping for a much better year in 2017. I hope that each of you have a very merry Christmas … [Read more]

Surgery Update Monday August 15th

Katy was taken to surgery around 12:15 pm and was there until around 6:15 pm. The surgery was supposed to last 90 minues but they took their time and did some extra work that they had not anticipated. Katy is in recovery and will be going to 9 east. … [Read more]

Exploding water bottles

My day started out by runnng errands before going downtown to MUSC to visit with my wife at the hospital. I picked up a prescription at the Kmart pharmacy and then dropped off some books at the Charleston County Library. My next stop was the Sunoco … [Read more]

Surgery 2016

For those of you that did not know. Katy had a brain tumor removed at the end of April. Then she had a 2nd surgery to plug a spinal fluid leak. Now she is back in the hospital to have a shunt installed. They found a cantaloupe sized tumor on her … [Read more]

Surgery #2 May 2016

On May 12th Katy got out of HealthSouth just in time for us to celebrate 26 years of marriage.  Starting on Monday May 16th Katy started losing control of her right leg and was no longer able to stand and use her cane or walker to go to the restroom … [Read more]

Random Ramblings

Katy has been home from HealthSouth for 4 days now.  It sure is good to have her home.  Willow sleeps on the couch next to her while she sleeps in her recliner.  The couch has two recliners built into it and she is having to sleep in that until we … [Read more]