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Family photo

 This is my daughter Kristina and her dog Frodo. I love this photo of them. … [Read more]


This weekend we visited with our son Justin who lives close to downtown Charleston. Him and his girlfriend moved into a 3 story house recently. My son told us about a man who is homeless and lives under the bridge close to their house. He told me … [Read more]

Social Media detox and other stuff

Katy posted on her blog that she is going to try the social media detox for April. I guess you follow the calendar she has which details when you should or should not consume social media. I wish her lots of luck on that. As I think about it I … [Read more]

How to prepare your digital life for death

Guess what? We do not get out of this rat race alive..... eventually these vessels we live in will stop to function and exist. Our loved ones will need to be able to access our digital foot prints so they can memorialize us and shut things down. They … [Read more]

Back home from Asheville

My contract with TekSystems in Greenville ended prematurely on January 17th. There was no reason given other than the client called the account manager and said I was not a good fit for the role. I could say so much about this but I will be good … [Read more]


Biz News published an article that you can read here. Retire at 55 and live to 80; work till you’re 65 and die at 67. Startling new data shows how work pounds older bodies.The data for this study is alarming and hits close to home. In order for me to … [Read more]

Asheville North Carolina

  I have been off of work since August 31st and will be starting a new position with Allergy Partners on Monday, November 26th as a Help Desk Manager at their corporate office in Asheville NC.  I am not sure if I am going to know how to … [Read more]

I Am Number 13 – Andra Watkins New York Times Best Selling Author

Are you looking to escape from the harsh realities of the world we live in? A good book is one of the ways to do that. Andra Watkins is a dear friend of ours and I would encourage you to here and purchase the book. Do me a favor and share this link … [Read more]

Losing your job is never fun

I worked for my previous employer for 10 + years.  I worked hard and I was a loyal and trustworthy employee.  On August 31st they eliminated my position.  Poof, just like that.  I was summoned to our Folly Beach location and asked to come into the … [Read more]

28 year anniversary

Today marks 28 years of marriage to Georgia Kathyrn Moffitt. My love goes by Katy or as I lovingly call her “Katybug”. My Katybug met me at First Baptist Church in Houston Texas. Firsts Baptist was the largest SBC church in Houston at that time … [Read more]