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Riding the waves




The Styrofoam cup was tougher than it looked at first glance. For the longest time the cup rode up and down as it was being beaten against the rocks.  The waves were spaced evenly and had a rhythm all their own.  At first glance the cup appeared to be at the mercy of the waves and would certainly be crushed by the onslaught of the water.  Luckily for the cup it is light and was able to ride on the top of the water.  The cup let the water carry it where it wanted to.

At first the visitor was totally unaware of the cup or the ongoing battle between it and the forces of nature.  I guess you could say the visitor was paying more attention to the waterway and all of the activity within his view.  The constant rhythm of water hitting the rocks and the edge of the road were punctuated by the sounds of cars going by, the occasional jogger and water craft revving their engines as they raced by.  For the most part the visitor was playing the part of a lonesome citizen who was lost in the pages of a book.

The visitor is no stranger to this area, and in fact, he comes to this location several times a month.  The road that he travels to get there is bordered by a waterway on one side and a marsh on the other.  There is a small creek that is fed by the water way and allows the residents of this small island to dock their boats and gives easy access to it.  The visitor likes to come to this place because it is a place of solitude and he is able to retreat from the storms of life for the time being.

One of the things that the waterway does is that it helps the visitor to retreat from the day to day routine.  It seems that life consists of three basic tasks.  Eat, sleep and work.  Those three things are necessary activities and functions of most lives in this modern world.  There is no escape from them.  If you do not do those things with regularity life becomes even more difficult.  The daily routine is necessary and gives a sense of belonging and stability.

Being able to step back from the daily routine and find a place of peace and relaxation helps the visitor to reflect on life and the big picture.  As the visitor focused on the predicament of the Styrofoam cup he was reminded of how the battle represented a typical storm.  The water represented the storm as it continually raged and rolled forward until the shoreline stopped its progress. The cup represented humanity and the struggle to move forward in life. As the visitor watched he realized how the cup and the water was a reflection of life and its struggles. The visitor realized that the cup survived the waves because it did not resist the energy of the waves.  The cup went wherever the waves took it.

The visitor suddenly realized that despite all of his dreams, visions and plans that he was very much like this cup.  There were some things that he had no control over no matter how hard he resisted.  He realized that having a microscopic view of all the details was robbing him of seeing the big picture.

The visitor realized that the cup was showing him an important lesson.  Sometimes it is necessary to put away the microscope and stop over analyzing the details.  Some things in life just have to be accepted and you have to go wherever life leads you. The view from on top of the waves allows you to see way more things, than if you get tied down with the details and wind up drowning in them.   

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  1. Good job man!! Sometimes fiction isn’t so much fiction after all, but an inner release.

  2. Whether you were the visitor, or not, we are all the visitor. And this rings so true: “He realized that having a microscopic view of all the details was robbing him of seeing the big picture.”

  3. I really liked the way you wrote this… way to go!

  4. Wow, I actually got some comments on this. Ha! Oh my…. 🙂 Thanks for reading and responding everyone. 🙂