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Dazed and Confused

There are days that I wonder how I ever manage to get anything done.  It is the simple things that make you wonder if these sorts of things are a sign of what is to come. 

I carry a smartphone with me everywhere I go.  If I am dressed, it is located on my belt.  When I go to the restroom I take it off my belt and put it in a convenient place near by.  Don’t ask me why I do this, it is just something I have grown accustomed to doing.  Every single day I do this at work.  I do it without fail.  How many times do I forget to put the stupid thing back on my belt when I am finished?  I have lost count.  Luckily for me my Bluetooth headset chirps when it gets out of range.  That is my signal to go fetch my electronic ball and chain. 

Today, in the midst of my routine I decide to be smart and put the phone in my shirt pocket.  That way I would not walk out of the restroom without my Android.  I was being smart.  I was being proactive.  Do you think that worked?  Of course not.  I walked out of the restroom and into the Reservations office.  I felt along my belt line to make sure that I had not forgotten my phone.  I did not find the phone, so off to the restroom I go looking for my phone.  As I am standing in the restroom I realized that I had put it in my pocket to prevent my having to go search for it.  Face palm…..  

Have you ever gotten out of your chair, taken a couple of steps and wondered where you were headed?  How about going into a room and wondering what you were there for?  What about thinking about something that you need to do or check on and then about 90 seconds later you realize you were supposed to do something but now you can not remember what it was? 

Ahhhh the joys of getting more mature.  Sniff….

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  1. Sounds about right. I resemble those remarks. 🙂