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An excellent article on the need for self defense

An excellent article on self defense and the need for protecting yourself and loved ones.

I have friends who know that I chose to legally carry a concealed weapon.  I have 13 years of security and law enforcement experience.  I am police academy trained and I have seen the victims of crime first hand.  I have a SC Concealed Carry Permit that allows me to carry a concealed weapon.

I do not carry a weapon because it makes me feel cool ,or because I think I am John Wayne.  I carry a weapon so that I can protect myself, my family and any innocent bystanders, should a criminal decide to use deadly force for personal gain.  Just recently in the news, a CWP holder was sitting at a Waffle House, and used his self defense training, and his concealed weapon to stop a criminal from hurting or killing the employees during a robbery.

I have a couple of friends who have told me point blank that I am too paranoid.  They believe that the government should remove all firearms from the population in the U.S. and that alone will stop all violent crimes.  What they fail to understand is that criminals will never give up their weapons.  We do not need more gun laws that restrict law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families.  We need more criminal control laws that will enforce stricter punishments on criminals who commit violent crimes against innocent people.  That includes my family and yours.  Please remember that violent crime against people is not a faceless crime.  There are real victims that suffer real consequences that can last a life time.

Read the article above. It may not make you rush out to your local gun shop to buy a weapon, or cause you to sign up for a CWP class.  My hope is that it will educate you to the real possibility of personal violence, that can and may happen, to you or your loved ones.

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  1. Martha Breland says:

    great article and so true. Criminals will never give up their weapons, in fact they steal other people’s weapons if they get the chance to. Thanks for sharing this article. I agree 100%

  2. James moffitt says:

    Hey there Martha, i believe you are a voice from the paat. Do you remember us from First Baptist church in Houston Texas? Thanks for the comment on the blog post.