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Occupy Charleston 2011

Occupy Charleston is happening at Brittlebank Park in downtown Charleston.  I am  interested in this event for a couple of reasons.  One of the reasons is that my 19 yr old daughter Kristina, and her 18 yr old friend Barbara are participating.  Another reason is because it is interesting to see people that are willing to take a stand against what they feel is wrong.

I suppose that my daughter is taking part in this peaceful protest should not come as a surprise.  Back in the day, I was involved in several peaceful demonstrations, that were held outside of several abortion clinics in Houston Texas.   While I did see some immediate and visible results from the demonstrations I went to, I am not sure if we will see any immediate, or visible results come out of the “Occupy” events. 

The Post and Courier, a local newspaper, has an interesting article in today’s newspaper, and  online, about Occupy Charleston.  I like what a person named Armstrong that was quoted as saying. “ I do have a job and I am working, but I’m for “we the people”.   I suppose that those of us that are working and need to keep our jobs, will have to focus more on our jobs and less on the demonstration.  That does not mean that we can not participate in our personal time.  I am wondering if the degree of participation is being directly fueled by whether or not folks are employed. 

I like what State Rep. Wendell Gilliard, D-Charleston said in this article.  “You have to set your course”.  It appears that this event is not being well organized, and there are some differences in opinion amongst the protestors.  I am hoping that future events will be better planned and organized. 

The 99 hour demonstration will come and go.  People will have the opportunity to speak out and say “we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any longer”.  My question is, what is next?  Other than gain some local media attention what is this demonstration going to solve in the long term?   Where do we go from here?  What is it going to cost and are we willing to sacrifice our comfort zones to take the next step?  What is the next step? 

Do you have any of the answers dear readers?  If so, I would love to hear them. 

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