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Happy Anniversary to the love of my life

Today we celebrate 21 years of marriage to one another.  I am happy to be able to say that we celebrate this occasion because there are a lot of reasons to celebrate.  In some ways 21 years seems like a long time, but I remember saying our wedding vows as if it were just yesterday. 

I remember during our marriage counseling, how we were told that our marriage would end up in failure, and that we were not equipped to handle the responsibilities of marriage.  I remember how shocked and horrified we were, when we left the marriage counselors home.  I am happy that despite all odds and all the hardships we have endured, that we have proven those people wrong.  Our love and faith in God individually, has helped to give us a strong foundation, in which to meet the adversities that has come into our lives, both as individuals and as marriage partners.  Our love and appreciation for one another has matured and deepened as time has passed.  I can not imagine living life without you by my side Katy.  


I remember how we were just friends, because I was running like a scared bunny rabbit.  I remember the day that my son Jeremy invited you to go along with us on a trip to Galveston Texas.  I remember how we rode the Ferry boat in Galveston and it was late at night.  I remember that Jeremy slept in the back of the Mercury Montego while you and I stood at the front of the ferry with the wind in our faces.  I remember our spending a lot of time on the beach talking that night about our future.  I remember how you and the other singles at First Baptist Church always made sure there was  a seat next to you at the table, when we would go out to eat after church.   From the very beginning you knew that I was the one, and you were faithful to pursue me and capture my heart.   I remember telling you that because of a failed relationship in my past that I was done with marriage.  I told you that I would only marry you if I saw a burning bush in the middle of I-10 at noon time. 

I remember how you have been and still are the most selfless person I have ever met.  You have shown me how to love again and how to share things with you and the rest of our family.  You have shown me that I do not have to be afraid to love again and that my heart is in a safe place.  You have put faith in me and my abilities when no one else has.   You have put up with my many quirks and loved me in spite of them.   You are a virtuous woman and it has been an honor to share the life and love that we have for one another.   I am always and will forever will be your best friend and confidant.

I remember how you told me that your prayer was to find someone that would not be boring and predictable.  Over the last 21 years we have managed to keep the honeymoon alive.  I am thrilled that we can be playful, hold hands and still be affectionate, like we were when we first started dating.  My prayer is that I can continue to grow and mature and be the type of husband that can show his love for you in practical and tangible ways.  Thank you for being my wife and the mother of our children.  You are an immense blessing to all of us. 

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