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Which way did he go now?

I can always tell there is a problem when Katy raises her voice.  Katy is the calm, soft spoken person in our family.  Katy rarely gets excited about much.  I stayed home today to nurse this cold of mine, and while I was reading and writing something for a school assignment, I heard Katy say something loud out in the back yard.  Katy was probably not being that loud, I just have excellent hearing.

I got up to go check on Katy, and find out what the commotion was about.  Sure enough, it was about one of the zoo members.  It usually is about one of the dogs or cats residing here.  Katy let three dogs into the back yard this morning to take care of business, and when she let them back in, only two of them came inside.  Byron, the Yorkie was no where to be seen.  What is even stranger is that we could not find a hole in the fence where he could have gotten out. 

Katy had just gotten finished with cooking breakfast, so we ate our breakfast and decided to go find Byron shortly after that.  I examined the back fence carefully and found nothing to tell me he had escaped, other than his not being in the yard.  I went through the house and walked out onto the front porch and headed down the sidewalk towards the mailbox.  I had not gotten more than halfway towards Wappoo Rd when I see Byron


running as fast as he could down Wappoo road towards Savannah highway.  The scary part of this, is that there are hundreds of cars going up and down this street all day long. 

The amazing thing about the folks that travel Wappoo Road, and live in our neighborhood, is that they are very helpful when they see someone’s pet running down the street, and the owners trying to capture them.  I think Katy had about 10 cars stopped going both directions, and people were getting out of their vehicles to help us corral our Yorkie, who is having the time of his life. During the pursuit Katy managed to trip on the sidewalk, and landed on her hands and knees, and got scraped up some.  Someone was trying to help her get to her feet and I was thankful for that. 

The only way we caught Byron, was because he heard a dog barking, and he ran up to the fence, and wagged his tail and was sniffing the dog.  That allowed one of us to walk up to him from behind, and pick him up.  Now we know that given a chance Byron will run down the street just for the fun of it.  I think he must have 9 lives because he has not been run over by one of many cars and trucks on this street.  We also know that when he has to go outside to do his business he will have to be on a leash and one of us will have to take him outside, or put him on a tether in the back yard so he can take care of things. 

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  1. I was just saying, last week, I’d like a dog.. but now you’ve convinced me I don’t have the patience or energy. I’m glad he got home safely and I hope Katy feels better soon. I hit the ground recently and it took weeks for some bruises and pains to stop hurting. Hugz to you both. ~Heidi

  2. We have a couple of dogs and two cats. Our old momma dog is 17 years old. She now has to be on a leash because she is a little senile. For someone reason the road is where she thinks she needs to be. In her younger days she would stop on a dime if you said her name and return to your side. The other dog is a one year old chihuahua that is dumber than dirt. 😉 She tries to protect us from strangers and really big dogs not realizing she is a little dog. She also stays on a leash when outside.

  3. We are attached to the critters but they can be a lot of work at times. Lol