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Lord Byron the Super Bowl puppy

Have you ever had something unexpected happen to you ? I am not talking about life changing events such as losing a job, or having a loved one propose spending the rest of their life with you.  I am talking about simple unexpected events,that happen from out of nowhere, yet leave foot prints in your heart. 

This weekend my daughter called me and asked me to come pick her up at her friends house in Goose Creek.  I just happened to be on that side of town and I drove over to pick up my daughter.  When I pulled into the drive way my daughter and her friend were sitting on the porch.  My daughter got up and walked out to the car carrying a small dog.  I thought she was going to show my son and I the dog and then take it back to her friend.  To my surprise my daughter told me she found the dog and that her friend’s parents would not let her keep the dog.  My options were to be cold hearted and say I do not care or to bring the dog home with us.  I have to admit that Lord Byron appeared to be a small Boston Terrier and he is very cute.  I decided to bring the dog home since my daughter had already bonded with the dog and was on the verge of crying a river should I decide to chose option one.  This is a picture of Lord Byron.



We called Lord Byron the Super Bowl puppy because he stayed around for approximately 24 hours, and the very next day, he broke out of the house, and took off down the street.  To be more specific, Katy and I were out running errands on Monday in the rain.  We came home to get something Katy had forgotten, and to check on the pets.  Katy opens the front door and she is trying to keep Frodo the “weiner dog” and Lord Byron the Terrier from running out the front door.  Needless to say Lord Byron was like a greased pig because she shot out the door, ran across the yard and ran down the street as fast as his little legs would go.  Katy took off down the street on foot and I stood there in the rain not believing what was happening.  The last thing I wanted to do, or had the time for, was to be chasing a dog down the street in the rain. 

I jumped in the car and headed down several streets until I thought I saw him running in the middle of this one street.  There were two vehicles that were driving slowly next to Lord Byron because I guess they figured out what was going on.  I passed them both up and tried to block the dog between the vehicles but he would have nothing to do with my plans.  So, there we are, myself and two other adults trying to catch this little dog who was doing a great job of staying away from all of us.  I guess I chased this dog for over an hour until I finally gave up the chase.  I was hoping that Lord Byron would get tired from all the running and just give out so I could pick him up.  I thought wrong, because no matter what I tried, he kept getting away from me. 

Needless to say my daughter got home from school and she did cry a river.  The dog was in our lives for one day and then he was gone.  Lord Byron was a runner and I am thinking that he probably did the very same thing to his previous owners.  I put an ad in the Charleston Craigslist in the Lost and Found message base hoping that the rightful owner would see the ad and call me.  Thus far I have not heard anything in response to that advertisement.  If someone contacts me now, all I will be able to say is that I was unable to keep their dog cooped up long enough for them to claim him. 

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  1. I called Katy on the way home from work last night and she told me that the teenagers went up to the BP station on Savannah hwy to get some drink. They saw a found dog sign while they were there and when they called the number they found out that Lord Byron had been found. The lady lives by Stono Creek Elementary off of Wappoo Road where we live. She took him in, gave him a bath and dried him off. Once again Byron is home and safe. Now we know that when we open the door someone else has to hold him or put him in a cage so he wont run out the door.