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Some of the best things in life are free

Maybe I should say that some of the best things in life do not cost money.  Some things you can not place a dollar value upon. Some things are so precious they are priceless, such as the love of a child, or mate.  Some things will not cost money to obtain, but they do cost you time, and effort.  Thinking about it in that light, maybe the things that cost you time and effort are more expensive, and precious ,than something you can just purchase with money.

Today was one of those days, when we received something that we wanted, and needed, by surprise.  On our way to get gas this morning, Katy spotted a desk sitting by the roadway.  Our plan was to go to Sunoco on Sam Rittenburg to get gas, and then go to my job site out on Kiawah Island.  I spent most of the day yesterday unboxing new computer systems, and had left a ton of empty boxes in the conference room.  This is our only functional conference room, and since I have no idea when it is scheduled to be used next, I figured it wise to clean up my mess before Monday morning. We had no idea that on our way to get gasoline for the car that we would see a perfectly good “real wood” desk sitting on the side of the road.


When you see furniture or other items sitting on the side of the road, in front of a house or business, that typically means, “take me if you want me”.  We have been renting a small table from Rent  A Center for the last couple of weeks, and even though it is better than nothing, it was not big enough for my laptop, school books and a laser printer.  We really wanted a regular desk for these purposes.  We were so surprised, and thankful, to see this desk sitting there crying out our name as we drove by.

This picture is too dark for you to appreciate the real beauty of this desk.  The desk is dark wood and matches our wood floors and our other wood furniture very nicely.  It has some wear and tear in some places, but nothing that really stands out, or makes it look ugly.  Katy and I stood on the side of the road, in front of this business, looking at the desk, as people drove by.  I knew it was too heavy for Katy to help me lift, but I drove our Lincoln over to the shoulder of the road, just to get an eyeball on it, and see if it might fit in our trunk.  The desk is as wide as the Lincoln is, and even if we could have managed to lift it high enough to tilt it into the trunk it would not fit.  I think that most normal people would have given up at that point and left.  I think that Katy wanted me to give up, because she realized how silly it was for us to lay claim to a piece of furniture that we had no way of moving.  Katy will attest to the fact that when I put my mind to something there is nothing that will get in my way of doing it.  I am very persistent, and I do not stop until the task is done.   The task at hand was to figure out how to get someone to stop, and help me load up the desk, and make a five minute drive to our house on Wappoo Road.  I lost count of all the open bed trucks that passed us going in both directions.  I waved at most people while sitting on the desk, and I am sure most of those people knew that I was up to something.  Maybe even some of those people realized that I was hoping to find a good Samaritan  with a truck ,that would stop and help us.  At some point I came to my senses and realized no one was going to stop.  I sent Katy home to get her cell phone, and to find one of our neighbors to see if they would help us.  Once Katy drove away I realized that a co worker lived within 5 minutes of our house, and I called her to see if her husband was home, and if he could help me with his truck.

My coworker answered her cell phone and I told her my predicament.  The coworker told me that her husband was at work with the truck but that if she put her seats down in her Kia she wondered if we could get the desk into her vehicle and take it over to the house.  I told her that I thought it would work, and thanked her for being willing to help.  Now I have a desk in the living room that I can use with the laptop and printer.   I have another real wood desk that I was given by a firm administrator on Hilton Head Island 10 years ago.  They were replacing all of the furniture in her office and they were going to throw the desk away.  I told them I would be happy to load it onto the back of my Nissan pick up truck, and haul it home, and we have had it every since.

I could probably go over to Office Max or Office Depot and find a nicer looking desk. Most of those desks would cost me 100.00, or more, and they would have not been real wood.  Those desks would not have lasted me no where as long, as the desk that I have had for the last ten years.

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  1. I love how you said some of the best things in life may not cost money, but they’re not necessarily “free.” I’m glad you scored a perfectly good desk and saved a hundred bucks.