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Gays in military could hurt recruiting

Gays in military could hurt recruiting

I suppose that everyone has their opinion with regards to “gays in the military”.  Most of my conservative Christian friends are going to sit on the side of the fence that would support “don’t ask don’t tell”.   In some ways I understand where they are coming from however it is not going to change the fact that there are people all around us that believe in same sex relations and marriage.  I am not sure that lifting the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” ban is going to change anything.  There are “gay” people in the military now and probably have been for decades.   Does this ban make them “more gay” or “less gay”?   I for one wish that we could stop labeling people.   I am speaking to both “gay” people and those of the heterosexual persuasion.

I vote that we let people be who they are and if they chose to participate in a same sex relationship then that is their business. Someone being same sex oriented is not going to change my identity or threaten what I believe or who I am.  Each one of us has to live our lives in the best way that we see fit and we also must own our own garbage.   Many of us would like to think that we have everything figured out with regards to what sin is or is not. My pastor has pointed out the fact that while people are going out of their way to be “homophobes”  the church is filled with people who are openly practicing sin with regards to being adulterers, liars. fornicators and getting divorces from their opposite sex mates because of it.  We probably need to clean up the filth (sin) and garbage out of our own back yards before we start pointing fingers.

I personally do not believe that being “gay” and participating in same sex relationships is something that God would approve of.   I could point to several scriptures in the old testament and new testament that would lend credence to my belief.  I also believe that the bible tells us that we are to love our neighbor and that we are not to judge people.  God will be the only judge when it is said and done with and all of us will come face to face with our creator once we die.   Yes, I believe the bible clearly states that we have a season of life and once that season of life is over we are judged for what we have or have not done on this earth.   Our life is a gift and it should not be taken for granted and what we do with that life can and will be measured by our creator.

I have a son that I love dearly that openly communicates that he is gay.  I also have a blood sister that openly communicates that she is gay.  Despite the fact that they are gay they are still my family and I will always love them.   Their choice to be gay is just that, their choice.  Do I agree with that choice or do I want to expose my family to these types of choices on a daily basis?  The answer to those questions are absolutely not.    I firmly believe that what folks do in the privacy of their own homes is between themselves and God.   I also believe that if a group of people are going to push their way of life upon another group of people in public places then they should understand that not everyone is going to approve of it and they will meet some resistance.

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