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Police to step up park patrols | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC – News, Sports, Entertainment

Police to step up park patrols | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC – News, Sports, Entertainment.

I have friends who are in my social circle who believe that crime can not happen to them.  They feel that way because they have never been a victim of crime or their immediate family have not been a victim of crime that they know of.

I would submit that feeling this way could be because they have been lulled into a false sense of security.  I am hoping that this article will show that crime does happen and it happens right here in Charleston SC at a favorite water front park.

I would agree that the percentage of crimes at this water front park is relatively low compared to the large number of tourists who have come through that park over the last ten years.  I would also say that just because the percentage of crime occurring in the park is low does not mean that the crime victims are somehow less victimized.

If you look at each of these crimes you will see some common factors that will come to light.

A.  most of the crimes happened late at night either at closing time at midnight or after midnight and the lights on the pier are turned off.  Low to no visibility places people in danger.

B. the victims were in a secluded location and they were isolated from the public.  In other words they were alone and in a vulnerable position.

C.  the victims were not prepared to defend themselves and were probably unarmed.  Their assailants were not unarmed and were intent upon preying upon their victims.

Crimes are crimes of opportunity.  There are two things that criminals do not like and those are light and sound.  Criminals do not want to be seen and they want to be able to enter into an area and do their deeds and get away undetected or seen.

Criminals also prey upon people who appear to be weak and susceptible to attack.  If you are using common sense and staying out of dangerous situations and paying attention to your surroundings your chances of becoming a victim is greatly diminished.

As the holiday season is upon us I hope that each of us can be safe no matter where we are at and what we are doing.  Our safety and the safety of our family and friends falls upon each of us individually.  We must be vigilant and be prepared to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe no matter what happens.  That means that we should be prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones and do whatever it takes.  Part of being prepared is to be aware of dangerous situations and places and not put ourselves or our loved ones in harms way.

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