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Which way did the plumber go?

We have been without hot water since early Monday morning.  It is now Thursday morning and we are still without hot water.


The landlord came over here yesterday morning and looked at the hot water heater and decided a plumber was going to have to deal with it.  The hot water heater in this house is probably as old as I am so it is a miracle it has lasted as long as it did.  I reset all of the breaker boxes in the house and hit the reset button to no avail.  The hot water heater is cold as ice and there are no signs of life at this point.  There are five people living in this house depending on the hot water heater to heat water.

I am fortunate that I am able to go to the gym and take a hot shower however I can only take one guest with me at a time which means that only one person per day is able to go enjoy a hot shower at the gym.  Thus far none of them have arranged it to go with me so that means we will need showers for everyone soon or I may need to find somewhere else to stay until it happens. 

I have a landlord that must be high tech because he loves to communicate through e-mail.  Yesterday morning he wrote me an email and said that the plumber would be here at 5 pm and wanted to verify someone would be here.  I told him that someone would be here after 2:45 pm and to please send them after that.  I got home at 4 pm so that I could be here to help or supervise the repairs.  Several times during the evening I sent e-mails back and forth with the landlord only to finally give up around 10:45 pm and go to sleep.  It appears that I will be taking a PTO day today so I can hang out close to the house in hopes that the plumber will find his way over here and revive the water heater or replace it with a new one. 

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