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Twitter Meetup in Charleston

Katy and I had a good time this evening as we met up with some folks that are part of the social media group here in Charleston.  I knew everyone in the group except for one person so it was nice to meet someone new.  We met at Zia Taqueria in Charleston and then we went to the Terrace Theater to watch the Social Network movie.

As always the food was excellent and  we all had a great time chatting it up about all sorts of topics which included the Wikipedia Sex Toy link that was on Andra’s blog this morning and the knit sibs culture and the knitting foot fetish sub culture that Vhanna was speaking about.  We met Robin from Mt Pleasant and had a fun time getting to know her a little bit.

The Social Network was not at all what I was expecting.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “It SUCKED” to 10 being “It rocked my socks off”  I would have to give the movie a 5.  I had the expectation that the Social Network movie which is about Facebook was going to speak to how the Social Media of our day and age has affected how we relate to one another both online and offline.  For those of you who have not seen the movie yet I will not spoil it for you by saying anything else.  It was NOT a bad movie, I was just expecting it to be something else.

On our way home I decided that I needed to plug my Blackberry Smart Phone into the charger and let it charge. We were sitting at the corner of Maybank Hwy and Folly Rd at the red light and I decided to kill the car and unlock the glove box.  When I went to start the car again it was dead.  Luckily for us some nice people who were in two separate  vehicles stopped to help us almost as soon as we broke down.  One man used his truck to park behind us and put on his emergency flashers so someone would not plow into our vehicle.  Another man pulled in front of us with his truck and attempted to use jumper cables to jump our car.  When that did not work her pulled his battery out of his truck and put it in our car and our car started right up.  I am very thankful for the assistance and I believe that they went above and beyond the call of duty.  Their random act of kindness helps to renew my faith in man kind.

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