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How the "ground zero mosque" fear mongering began

Several days ago I posted an article about the proposed “ground zero mosque” issue. After further reflection I believe that I may have allowed myself to get caught up in some emotional rhetoric over this issue. The link above will shed some light upon how this all got started which I found very interesting. My pastor also had the following to say about this issue.

“The problem is that people keep equating Muslim with terrosrism and they are not one and the same. The terrorsits have been denouced by Islam. The terrorits are an aberration of Islam. I am intolerant of terrorists but it is not fair to blame all folks of a particular religion because of the acts of a few radicals. Intolerance is prejudice when it is misdirected and prejudice is unChristain. If it can be proven that this Muslim Community center is directly connected to terrorists then I will join in being against it but I will not malign a whole group of people because the acts of a few.”

Food for thought….


  1. The problem with this thinking is that we won’t know if its related until, legally, there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Its like a seed that grows.

    I’m not worried its going to be a place for terrorists or Extremists.

    I feel its disrespectful to those left behind to have to hear or see Muslims gather. Its their fear that I feel for. Those that need to be educated to know the difference between Muslims and Extremists aren’t those that will go near this establishment.. so the learning/educational aspect is completely lost.


  2. David McClendon says:

    I think the big problem with the whole Muslim faith vs. terrorism is like with Christianity and the extremes there. We often hear of something bad happening and the fact that the person who committed the act is a Christian is played up in the media even if the person did not commit the act in the name of God.

    With the Muslim faith we see much of the same. Many Muslims are good people. The vocal ones are the ones that are heard. As Christians we don’t really understand enough about their faith to know what they believe.

    However, whomever is in charge of building a mosque at ground zero is either an idiot or is intentionally trying to stir up trouble, which they will get. A lot of innocent blood on both sides will be spilled over this. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs. The whole idea of freedom of religion was based upon the idea that everyone was either Judeo/Christian or had no religion at all. So, when the founding fathers wrote the constitution they did not have Islam or Budda or any other religion as a cornerstone to their belief.

    However, we do have freedom of religion and as such they have every legal right to build it wherever they own land. But one has to question the wisdom of doing so. And for the Presidope to speak out on the matter was above all Stupid. For him the less said the better. There is no law in this country that could stop the building of the mosque so he should have just played shut mouth.

    I see a lot of problems coming from this.