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Greenville lawmaker proposes immigration bill similar to Arizona's | WCBD

Greenville lawmaker proposes immigration bill similar to Arizona’s | WCBD.

I am sitting here wondering if our law makers are dazed and confused? Is immigration reform really the most pressing matter that this law maker can come up with? Immigration issues have been going on for as long as I can remember. I understand that people should follow the rules and become legal citizens of these United States of America. I am a naturalized citizen having been adopted into an American family back in the early 60’s and I had to wait until I was 7 years old before I could go into a Federal courthouse in Dallas Texas after fulfilling certain criteria to become a citizen of the U.S. I had to be able to speak English and repeat the pledge of allegiance with the rest of the folks that day that wanted citizenship in America.

I fully believe that if you chose not to fulfill the criteria for becoming a citizen of the United States of America that you should not be privy to all of the privileges afforded to the rest of us who have fulfilled our obligations. Do I believe that illegal residents should be hunted down and profiled and deported because they have not done what is necessary? The answer to that is absolutely not. We have many more pressing issues here in America that we should be focusing on. If someone is here and they are breaking the law and peddling drugs are committing crimes against the people that they live around then by all means put them in jail or deport them. If folks are here trying to earn a living and minding their own business then lets leave them alone.

Do we really think that we can send someone back across the border and they will not find their way back over here? We can barely enforce keeping our borders secure much less increase the chances that more folks will come pouring back into our country right after we kick them out.

I vote that we identify some real problems and go after them. What do you think?

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