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This weekend we visited with our son Justin who lives close to downtown Charleston. Him and his girlfriend moved into a 3 story house recently.

My son told us about a man who is homeless and lives under the bridge close to their house. He told me that the man has quite the set up under the bridge. Unfortunately this homeless man is not alone. There are several camps of homeless people in our cities. There is one camp behind the Walmart on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. If it were not for my listening to a police scanner and have access to Facebook I might not know about it. The homeless population is self evident. I probably see several homeless folks during my normal travels. Sometimes they are standing on street corners asking for handouts. Sometimes you see them walking down a sidewalk with a grocery cart with all of their earthly posessions. I know that there are several christian ministries that reach out to them with food and clothing. Charleston is not the cheapest place to live any more. Downtown Charleston is so expensive that my wife and I could not afford it even with the income I make.

Many years ago I was homeless when I was in my 20’s. I know what it is like to have 3 garbage bags with my stuff. I know what it is like to sleep on a piece of cardboard or stay at a homeless shelter. I was not there because of alcohol or drug addiction. I was there because of pride and needing to get my head and heart straight as a young man. Luckily for me I managed to get things right and find a job and escaped from that place. Being homeless can be devestating and it takes a willingness to reach out for help and make whatever changes necessary to get out of that situation.

Today as I observe the homeless people all around me it tugs at my heart. I am sure that wherever you live you have the same homeless population living wherever they can trying to live and survive however they can.

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