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Losing your job is never fun

I worked for my previous employer for 10 + years.  I worked hard and I was a loyal and trustworthy employee.  On August 31st they eliminated my position.  Poof, just like that.  I was summoned to our Folly Beach location and asked to come into the conference room where my immediate supervisor was accompanied with the HR person and the executive general manager.  I did not know what was going on and so I cracked a joke and said “is this the day I get fired?”  Little did I know that I was not getting fired but I no longer had a job or insurance.  I told them I was just joking but that did little to stop the events from unfolding for me.

It is now October and while I am not happy that this has happened I have closed the chapter to that period of my life. Now I am looking to find gainful employment somewhere else.  I turn 57 years old this year so I am a bit apprehensive about my being viewed as a viable candidate by companies. You will never hear employers admit this but they do discriminate against older workers.  I have heard stories about where an older candidate was more than qualified and had the necessary experience but was passed over for the job.

I completely revamped my resume and I have applied to about 25 jobs online.  I registered with all of the job search engines online.  I have five different recruiters trying to place me.  I feel as if Robert Half Technology or TEKsystems will be able to place me within the next 30 days.  I am very thankful that my employer did provide me with a severance package which paid me through the end of November.  That provided us with a financial cushion that we needed to sustain us until I can land another position.

I thought that because I was the only IT support person in the low country for this employer and I supported four different locations that my position was safe.  I figured that they would not eliminate my position because of that.  Obviously I was horribly wrong.  Over the span of 10 years I saw a lot of associates come and go.  Some of those associates were favorites and some were not.  I hated to see people lose their jobs no matter who they were.  I once heard this analogy about what happens when you are separated from employment.  The initial impact is like a stone being dropped in the middle of a pond.  This impact causes ripples of energy that expands out from the center and goes until the waves stop.  Once the ripple affect stops you are no longer thought about and the company either replaces you or not.  It would hurt to think that the company would replace me with someone who is much younger and therefore cheaper to hire.  While it would hurt I understand the company doing what was necessary to cut costs on their overhead.

No matter what the change is, it can be painful.  You go through a grieving process as you move from denial, anger  and then depression.  There is an entire range of emotions that you go through.  I cannot dwell in the past.  All I can do is hang on to the happy memories and try to stay connected with the friends I developed over the last decade.  Facebook seems to be the medium for doing that.  Very few people reached out to me on my cell phone.  The ones that did said they hesitated to call me because they figured I would still be angry about what happened.  For those that reached out to me, I am and always will  be thankful for that gesture.

Now it is time for me to write the new employment chapter in my life and move on.  I plan on leveraging the 27 years of experience in the IT industry to land a new position.  I remain positive that someone out there will see the value that I will bring to the table and take a chance on me.  Until then I will try to remain positive and be patient and live in the mean time.  Being content is tough but it is necessary.  I am content in the thought that God has brought me through all of this and he has met our needs financially for all of these years.  There is no reason for me to lose faith in God’s ability to do that now.  His perfect will within his perfect timing is good enough for me.

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