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28 year anniversary

Today marks 28 years of marriage to Georgia Kathyrn Moffitt. My love goes by Katy or as I lovingly call her “Katybug”. My Katybug met me at First Baptist Church in Houston Texas. Firsts Baptist was the largest SBC church in Houston at that time second to Second Baptist Church. The secnd baptist church was known as the church to be at in order to find your lifelong mate. It was a dating church of sorts I guess.

Katy met me at a time in my life when I was not in a good place. I remember her meeting me at a MASH party in the Christian Life Center at FBC one evening. At that time I had visitation rights with my son Jeremy. Jeremy was around 4 or 5 years old at that time I think. Katy will read this and correct the math but he was a little boy. Being a teacher and lover of children Katy gravitated to Jeremy and not me. I was playing volleyball at the time I think. I remember that Katy thought I was a jerk at this time in my life. I was on the rebound from a divorce and I did not have much use for women at that point. I was like a hurt animal that was difficult to get close to.

Little did I know Katy became fond of me despite of all the emotional baggage. I remember telling her one evening that despite her desire to be my life long friend and the love of my life I only wanted to be friends. I told her this in private after a church service on Wednesday or Sunday evening. I remember how she cried. I hated to tell her that despite my feelings for her. I just did not want to bare my soul to someone and have it crushed yet again.

Katy was determined and decided that she would not give up on me. I remember how we would go out with all of our single friends after church and there was always a chair for me next to her. At the time I never gave that much thought but after we were married she admitted that everyone made sure she sat next to me. I told Katy that I would not get married again until I saw a burning bush on I-10 at noon. That burning bush turned out to be a burning car I think and we got married on May 12th 1990.

I am a very blessed man to have such a giving and selfless soul mate. Katy married me despite of my shortcomings. I guess she saw things in me that I did not. I certainly would not have married me much less stay around for 28 years. I am a better man because of her love, affection and devotion. She showed me how to be less selfish. She opened her heart and soul to me and I have not looked back since.

During our 28 years of marriage we were parents to four children. Jeremy, Justin, Kristina and Jessica Ann. We are empty nesters now and have been for about 2 years. Our children are in the world now making a life of their own. We lost Jessica Ann to a brain tumor and two types of cancer on August 5, 2001. That was a 14 month journey that typically would tear apart most marriages. I remember the funeral director telling me that we would probably wind up in divorce. I remember rebuking him and telling him that our relationship was stronger than that. If it not had been for being as close as we were as man and wife and our relationship with and faith in Jesus Christ we might have wound up in divorce.

Our faith in God and our church family and lots of tears and yelling at God got us through it somehow. Our lives and the lives of our children were forever changed. Our relationship did take a hit and the road was full of pot holes and unknown twists and turns during that time of our lives. As I look back at that time I am so thankful that we were able to hold things together and we are still together despite of those events.

No matter what has happened in the last 28 years I would do it all over again. I am a blessed man. I am loved. I am in love with Katy Moffitt and am devoted and loyal to her for eternity.

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  1. Awwww, I love you honey! For corrections, Jeremy had just turned 3 at the time cause he was telling me about his 3rd birthday party. lol
    Also we have been emptynesters now for 4 years as of today.