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Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma, a Cat 5 Hurricane, blew across the Atlantic Ocean and left a path of devestation as it destroyed small islands, skirted Cuba and then came across Key West and landed in SW Florida. If you go to Youtube there are several videos to be viewed that shows you the raw power of the storm. We had no sooner gotten finished with watching Hurricane Harvey blow into the gulf coast of Texas when Irma came along behind it. The devestation and destruction is hard to fathom. So many people without homes because of flood damage. We had people in SC that experienced a lot of flood waters that damaged their homes as well. We had 10 days warning or maybe longer and a lot of folks heeded the warnings to leave SC ahead of this storm.

Katy and I rode out the tropical forced winds and rain on September 11th which is the anniversary of the World Trade Center towers being demolished by terrorists flying Jets into each building. We lost 3000 American lives on that tragic day. We remember watching the planes hit, the explosions and smoke. We remember watching in horror as people jumped from the towers in a desperate last act to save themselves because they were trapped in a burning building. We could not believe our eyes when one tower came crashing down and then the second one followed it.

Despite all the tragedies it is nice to see how many people, no matter where they are from who came together to help one another. We are thankful for our first responders who put their lives on the line every day of the week to keep us safe from harms way. When tragedy striles they are the first ones on the scene. We owe a debt of gratitude to our public servants who selfishly serve us all.

We are hopeful that while the hurricane season lasts until the end of November that we will not see any more landfalls from any more hurricanes this year. How much devestation can we take as a nation?

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