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unspeakable horror

Just this week a man snaps and stabs two children to death because they were fighting over a microwave. The man was their mothers brother and he beat her up and threw her out of the apartment and locked the door before turning on the children. By the time the police got there he had fled the scene and a man hunt began. I am not sure if the children died at the scene or at the hospital but they did not make it. Earlier that morning around 7 am a man was leaving his home in Northwoods Estates in North Charleston. When he walked outside he was jumped by three men who put a gun in his face and robbed him. Luckily they took his things and ran off without harming him physically.

It seems to be that the sanctity of human life has been under attack for way too long. We are surrounded by violent people doing unspeakable things against people in our community. Most people are shielded from this knowledge because they chose to tune out and ignore it. I spoke to three or four people this week who were totally clueless about the two children getting killed. They said they do not watch the local news because they do not want to know. I guess if it is not happening to me then it must not be happening to my neighbors.

We are more in tune with these sort of happenings because of our social media activities and listening to a police scanner. If you want to know what is going on in the world all you have to do is have a Facebook or Twitter account. By the time I watch the local news I have already been made aware of what is going on through Social Media. It could be that because of the instant access to stories of violent crime on a daily basis we are getting desensitized to it. Violent crime and those who have been victimized have become a part of our regular social media diet.

Even if you are not connected to social media all you have to do is turn on the TV and watch any of the major news outlets. All you seem to see is stories about people who have been attakced domestically or over seas. Terror is on the rise. More and more people have decided that they do not want to be a victim to violent crime and they are arming themselves and training how to use weapons to protect themselves and their families. Some people are going as far in SC to get a Concealed Weapons Permit. That allows you to carry a concealed weapon.

When you discuss the posibility of getting a CWP or owning a firearm you get a lot of different reactions. Some people are in agreement with learning how to defend themselves and their famiies against violence and some do not want anything to do with guns. Some would say that guns are evil and are part of the problem. Gun violence is the mantra that the media keeps using every time there is a case where someone gets killed by a gun wielding mad man.

Guns are not violent. People are violent. People who have mental illnesses are prone to carrying out violent acts with guns, knives and using a vehicle to run down pedestrians. It does not matter where you live. You can be a victim of violent crime unless you make a mental decision to limit your risks and equip yourself accordingly.

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