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AC replaced and Bandit news

I am happy to report that the landlord has replaced the central AC unit and the air compressor outside. Our light bill went down by 45.00 this month. We have the thermostat set on 74 and we are loving it. Speaking of air conditioning, it has been 82 F in my office at work since December when I was forced to move to a different office to make accomodations for a new regional HR person who has yet to show up. I was usually freezing in my old office and would have to put a hoody on. My new office, not so much…. We found out last week that the AC on the roof for our section of the floor is DOA. No wonder we are not getting any air. They are replacing it next Friday just in time for a hot summer that we will probably experience here in SC. We had a very moderate winter (what a joke that was) so we are probably in for a sizzler.

So, yes, I am thankful that we will be nice and cool this summer. After all, fat people hate summer time with all the heat and humidity. I am certainly built for winter and not summer. Speaking of fat people, I have managed to reduce the digits on the scale by 11 pounds. I am still seeing a cardiologist who has managed to use medication to lower my BP. For the first 3 months of this year it was way too high and I was very miserable. My family doctor was prescribing BP meds but they were not doing the job. My next appointment will be on May 12th and hopefully the results of all the tests he has run will give him a clue as to why my BP has been so high. He did say he knows it is not an issue with my kidneys. He said that I could have a thyroid problem that could be causing it. Losing some pounds will go a long way towards reducing the hypertension.

At Coastal Community Church our pastor has been working on a series called the real “F” word. One of those F words is forgiveness. We are called to forgive one another and not hold grudges. People who are the closest to you tend to hurt you the most. They know you better than anyone and they know what buttons to push if we let them. Not only are we supposed to forgive people who spitfully use us or are hateful but we should also forgive people for being human. After all, we are all human and are subject to making stupid mistakes that could hurt someone else.

Oh, did I tell you about Bandit? Bandit is the newest furbaby in our family.

He is so cute. He is a mixture of terrier and chow so he is sort of a Heinz 57 dog. I am hoping that he will be smaller than Willow, our lab. Katy is working with training him to do his business on either the puppy pads in the condo or better yet to go outside to do it. He is only 10 weeks old so he is a bit young yet. I think that we are seeing some small steps towards improvement in that area. Our cat misty loves to roll around and play fight with him and Willow loves to play tug of war with him. We have to remind her to be gentle though since she is 20 times his size right now.

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