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Exploding water bottles

My day started out by runnng errands before going downtown to MUSC to visit with my wife at the hospital. I picked up a prescription at the Kmart pharmacy and then dropped off some books at the Charleston County Library. My next stop was the Sunoco gas station on University blvd. I love to get their freshly made breakfast sandwiches. The fountain drinks all tasted bad so I opted to go to the cooler and get a bottled drink instead. Once I arrived at the cooler I decided against the cherry coke and decided to get a bottle of water. I do not like the Nestle brand of water so I saw a Schepps Cherry water. How could I go wrong? Water with some cherry flavoring.

I purchased my items and off to the parking lot I went. I got settled in, put on my seat belt and then proceeded to open up my bottle of water for a drink. Much to my surprise the water bottle started to spew all over me and the inside of the car. I managed to crank down the bottle cap while spewing forth some verbal carnage of my own. Yes, that is how my day started out. I guess I am lucky that it was not a cherry coke because that could have been much messier to clean up. I had no idea that the bottle contents were carbonated and under pressure. I should know better than to open a bottle in the vehicle since this is not the first time ths has happened to me. Ok, so I am a slow learner.

I managed to make it to MUSC without any further mishaps. I used to park at the older garage across from the childrens hospital entrance but thanks to it being closed I now park at the Rutledge Tower garage which is much nicer and roomier to drive in. I park on the south tower side and walk across the 2nd floor connector which is air conditioned. There are signs that show the path I take as the wellness walk path so that is a good thing.


Katy has been in the hospital this time since Sunday July 31st. April of 2016 is when this brain tumor nightmare journey began. Since then she has had multiple surgeries to seal what appears to be a persistant cerebral spinal fluid leak. This last week they went in and installed a shunt that is supposed to help drain any excessive spinal fluid into a drain tube in her chest Last week they went in to put in the shunt and while looking around in her abdomen with a camera they found that she had a canteloupe sized tumor on her right ovary. Initially they thought her colon was dead but when they opened her up they realized they were looking at a tumor instead. Two weeks later the tumor is out and the shunt has been installed. Unfortunately the shunt has not stopped her nose from leaking cerebral spinal fluid and her headaches are still there. They are going to go back in tomorrow and try to fix the leak again. This will be the 3rd brain surgery so hopefully the 3rd time is the charm.

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