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Surgery #2 May 2016

On May 12th Katy got out of HealthSouth just in time for us to celebrate 26 years of marriage.  Starting on Monday May 16th Katy started losing control of her right leg and was no longer able to stand and use her cane or walker to go to the restroom on her own.  It became a major effort to get her off the couch and move from point A to point B.  On Wednesday evening I helped her to go upstairs to take a shower and she fell in the tub because her right leg just would not lift over the edge of the tub.  I wound up having to call 911 to get some stronger backs than mine to help her out.  On Thursday we spoke to the home health RN that came by for a visit and she in turn called the Neurosurgeons office who decided to have me bring Katy to MUSC ER department where she was admitted. 


A catscan revealed Katy has air on her brain which meant that she is leaking spinal fluid.  The air was expanding and causing issues such as headaches and pushing against other control areas of her brain. The doctor seems to think that once the hole is plugged and the air dissapates that her mobility will return to normal.  Katy went into surgery around 1:30 pm today and it will last approximately 3 hours.  They will keep her in recovery and possibly ICU for one day to allow the air to get out of her brain and the fluid to return.  Then she will spend 3 or 4 days at the hospital in her regular room. 

I am very thankful to my new found angels by the names of Kim and Katie who have been a huge help with my Katy this week while I am at work.  Both of them helped her with daily routine stuff and they have been keeping an eye on Willow while I am at the hospital.  A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to my neighbors who have selflessly given of their time and energy to support another neighbor.  Can you imagine how awesome this world would be if everyone would take the time to do this?  People caring for people because it is the right thing to do. 


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