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Challenges in 2016

We are 3.5 months into the new year and there has not been any lack of challenging events.

The biggest challenge has been to convince our insurance carrier, Cigna, to authorize an MRI for my wife Katy.  In 2011 Katy was diagnosed with a brain tumor after discovering that the hearing in her right ear was greatly diminished.  Fast forward to 2015 and 2016 and Katy has a hard time with her balance to the point she has been falling a lot.  Katy went to see an ENT the other day and he agrees that there needs to be a new MRI done to see if the tumor has grown which he thinks it has.  Cigna is not authorizing the MRI because they do not see any clinical evidence for her to have the exam.  There is no clinical evidence because the doctors at MUSC are not entering the proper notes for her medical records. 

Our next challenge has been to reduce our living expenses down to the bare minimum.  We were fortunate enough to reduce our rent 50% and that has certainly helped.  Our car payment is higher than I would like for it to be but thanks to less than stellar credit it is what it is.  We are being forced to ditch our cable provider and do without cable TV.  I believe that I could do without cable TV for much longer than I could do without Internet connectivity.  Luckily for us I have a MiFi that allows us to connect without depending on Comcast. 

Both of us are battling with our weight and the need to reduce it so we can increase our quality and longevity of life.  We want to be healthier so we can feel better physically and be able to get around better.  Katy has been fighting with a back issue that causes pain to shoot down her leg.  We got her a shot in 2015 and after insurance it cost us 800.00.  She needs to get another one but we just cant afford those prices.  That means that Katy cant work since she is unable to stand for any longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Along with Cigna we are fighting with the Social Security Administration as we try to get them to authorize Katy being on disability.  She was denied the first time in 2015 and now we have engaged with a law firm in Mt Pleasant that specializes in this sort of thing.  They told Katy that it typically takes about 20 months to get approved but that she could get denied several more times before she is approved. 

Despite our challenges we are still together.  We love one another and support one another in whatever ways we can.  God has blessed us with having our needs met.  We need to remember that needs are different than wants and that we cannot compare ourselves to others. 

Our son Justin is living downtown Charleston with his girlfriend and he is attending Trident Tech. At first he wanted to be a geologist but has now changed to wanting to be an RN.  Kristina landed somewhere in Louisiana and seems to be liking it there. 

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