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Is the ocean too loud?

I left the protective cover of light and familiar surroundings, and headed to the rushing sound. The sound was so loud that it seemed to mask all other sounds.

As I walked the path of asphalt, and continued on to the boardwalk, I was greeted by many different types of insects who were creating their own symphony of noise. I forced myself to stop and listen with my eyes closed standing there in the dark. I could pick out 5 or 6 distinctive insect sounds. I brought a flashlight and a cell phone with me on my brief journey, but I did not want to turn either of them on for fear of interrupting the cascade of life all around me.

As I walked up the boardwalk and closer to the water’s edge I was greeted by the sounds of rushing and crashing waves. The water was all the way up against the boardwalk. The beach was being massaged constantly by the rushing of the ocean back and forth. I turned on my flashlight briefly to see if I could see any tiny creatures scurrying about but none were to be found. It was as if they were burrowed deep within the sand seeking safety from the rushing ocean.

I pocketed the flashlight so that my eyes could adjust to the darkness. In the northeast sky I watched as a full moon the size of Texas began to climb above a bank of clouds and shone brightly on the waves below. Where there were no clouds I could see the twinkling of many stars. I attempted to take some pictures with my cell phone but the camera was not going to be able to capture the beauty and splendor that I could see before me. This would have to be a moment that I would capture with my mind’s eye and find a place in my memory to store.

Off in the distance I could see thunderstorms that were lighting up the sky with lightning bolts and illuminating the clouds all around them. The moon and the lightning bolts were had an orange tint to them. As I watched the cloud cover in different spots in the sky they appeared to be cotton balls drifting about. The storms were far enough away that I could not hear any thunderclaps. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be on a boat or ship near those thunderstorms. I could imagine how the storms would cause the waves to increase in both size and tempo. I could imagine the waves crashing into the bow of the boat as it struggled to make progress towards its destination. I tried to imagine the ship mates as they watched helplessly as the ocean waves crested and blew over their boat and not be able to do anything about it. I think that I was glad that I was not anywhere near those crashing waves and lightning. I would be better off observing from a safe distance. I remember thinking to myself that if the storms got too close to me that I would be able to walk back to the lights and buildings where we live and get out of harm’s way.

As I took all of this in and allowed my senses of sight, sound and smell catalog it all, I was reminded of a couple of things. The first thing that hit me was the splendor and majesty of it all. Once again I was reminded that life is much bigger than me. There are so many awesome things all around me and it is important that I take the time to seek those things out. When I do that it helps me to put the perception of who I am and my limited world into perspective. As I gazed upon the moon, stars and lightning I was again reminded of how big our planet is and that we mortal beings did not create all that I could see. I was reminded of the fact that there is something much bigger than all of us at work.

I initially went out to figure out why the ocean was being so loud this evening. After I spent a period of time taking in the sights and sounds, I realized that it was not so loud after all.

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  1. I love reading your stuff! Love you!