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Know before you purchase that new computer

One of my vendors came to me the other day and said, what kind of computer should I purchase to work with our network connectivity here at the office.  This vendor works out at IOP and uses Bellsouth DSL and Cisco VPN client to access our internal network. 

I ran down the list of prerequiste hardware specs and said Windows XP Professional for the OS.  The vendor went to SAMS Wholesale and purchased a Dell Inspiron machine that has Windows 7 Home edition 64 bit OS.  This computer is all they will need and then some.  The only problem with it is that the Windows 7 64 bit OS is not supported by all application vendors yet.  The show stopper is that the Cisco 32 bit client will not work on that OS therefore they will either need to swap out the PC for one that XP preinstalled from the factory or I will get to wipe the drive and do a new install of XP with drivers and apps which will take me a bit of time to accomplish. 

The moral of the story is this.  Before you purchase a computer know what software applications you run and find out before hand if they will work on a 64 bit OS.  Some hardware vendors will allow a downgrade to XP professional if you call them and purchase it online or over the phone.  When you go to the retail outlet you are stuck with what is on the shelf. 

One other thing that is a new twist for hardware manufacturers is they are getting away from SVGA connectors and going with HDMI for video inputs.  Make sure that your existing monitor has both SVGA and HDMI inputs on it before you purchase a computer that has ONLY HDMI inputs. 

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