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The Star Spangled Banner

Slowly but surely American citizens are losing sight of what this great nation was founded upon.  We have forgotten how we came to be a republic.  There are many examples of this but for now I want to focus on one sign that tells me that our once great nation is in a tailspin.

I am talking about our national emblem the American Flag. 



The stars and stripes represent something much more grand and noble than to be worn as an article of clothing or sold as a decoration.  On the fourth of July, I cringe when I watch television and see someone proudly wearing clothing that represents our national emblem.  I have lost count how many times I have seen people drag the flag on the ground when they are taking it down off of a flag pole.  I also do not like it when I see business owners allowing our national emblem to be hung out in front of their business when there is inclement weather or at night time in the dark.

As our national emblem and flag there should be an attitude of respect and reverence for what the stars and stripes stand for.  If you cannot do that then I would submit to you that you should not have it or fly it for any reason.  I do not have a problem with business owners selling the American flag so that patriotic minded individuals can display the flag proudly.  I do have a problem with the following things with respect to how the American Flag is being treated.  I have seen the following ways in which our flag has been treated.

  • Dragged on the ground while being taken off a flag pole
  • Burned by citizens of the USA and on foreign soil
  • Worn as an article of clothing
  • Flown at night time in the dark with no light to illuminate it
  • Flown in the rain, sleet or snow
  • Being taken down at our schools in favor of flying other national flags other than our own

That is right; there are rules of etiquette on how the stars and stripes are to be handled.  It is not just a rag that can be thrown around any which way we please.  Just the other day I read a story about a school district in the U.S. who decided that flying the stars and stripes was offensive to the Hispanic population.  They took our flag down and raised the Mexican national flag in its place.  I am here to tell you, had I been there, I would have been put in jail but not before that “other” flag was removed.  The same goes for someone that decides to burn the American flag in front of me or any other American patriot. 

Why in the world am I so passionate about how I perceive that the stars and stripes are being treated today?  I am passionate because I respect what the STARS and STRIPES stood for back in 1776 on that famous Independence day.  If you are an American and you have attended any US History classes then you understand why our independence was so important and is so critically important today in 2014.  There are forces at work that are doing everything they can do undermine what our great nation stood for. 

Please, if you are at a sporting event and the national anthem is being played, get onto your feet and put your hand over your heart.  Why is this important?  It is important because there have been men and women of our armed forces who have spilled their blood to defend our right to call ourselves Americans.  I would encourage you to take the time to listen to the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner and soak in what was actually happening when that song was written. 

If you have young children please take the time to teach your children how to respect our great nation and how to properly handle our national emblem. 

I am writing this today because I finally had enough of the disrespect being shown by a local business to the American flag.   I went into the establishment and spoke to a young lady behind the counter.  There were no other customers in the store and I spoke to her in a calm manner.  I expressed to her that I was not happy that the US Flag was being flown 24 hours per day, no matter what the weather was and did not have a light shining upon it at night.  On many occasions I have seen the flag being all bunched up and hung up on the pole without someone taking the time to unfurl it. 

The response I got was the one I expected.  At no point did this young lady thank me for the information or showed any concern that the flag was being handled improperly.  She humored me and waited for me to finish and hoped that I would leave.  I am hopeful that she will share my concerns with her store manager and that hopefully someone will think about it and do the right thing.  Maybe someone will call the corporate office and find out what their policy is about handling the American flag at their place of business.

If you are a business owner or someone that likes to fly the flag please take the time to educate yourself about what you should or should not do with our national emblem. 





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  1. It is indeed sad. But when so many people these days have so little respect for their own selves, how can we expect them to respect anything else? Too many people need to learn self respect, respect of others, and respect for the symbols and places that are important. I hope somewhere deep inside that that girl listened.

    Almost wonder if you should have a copy of the guidelines printed up for these places and send them or email them to the owners.

  2. Once I had that conversation the business removed the American flag and left the pole empty. If they refuse to treat it right, do not fly it at all. Works for me! Now the American flag is back where it was, all bunched up and pathetic looking. I need to buy a step ladder so I can go down there once or twice a day and unfurl it and let it fly in the wind proudly. Maybe if I start doing that they will take notice and do it on their own. I am not holding my breath on that one.