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Authentic Faith

I love attending Coastal Community Church in West AshleyScreen Shot 2014-01-05 at 4.23.04 PM.  Katy and I have been members there now for going on a year or longer.  One of the things I love about the church is that it is alive.  The church has 3 services every Sunday and they have close to 450 members in attendance.  The church is growing so much that they are breaking round on a new building this year.

The evangelism strategy of Coastal Community Church is simple.  They want us to “invest” and “invite”.  We are to live our lives in such a way that people will know that we are Christ followers.  We are to invest our lives into the lives of others.  Our challenge is to love people for who they are right now and show them how much we care.

No matter where we live, where we work or where we play, there are people all around us that are hurting.  God has placed us there so that we can reach out to them and bring them hope.

One of the statements Pastor Chris made today was this.  Salt and light have a “radical influence” on whatever it is they come into contact with.  He also stated that there are three types of “Bitter salt” and “glaring light” people who are counterfeit Christians that repel people from God.  Those are the following types.

In your fact Christians” whose sole purpose in life is to cram the word of God down your throat at all costs, and communicate to you that you will go to hell if you do not change your ways.

Holier than thou Christians“, who feel as if they are better than everyone else.  They measure their worthiness of God’s grace, by their religious accomplishments.

Cosmetic Christians”  project an outward appearance of being a Christian but when you look past the surface you find that they are no different than anyone else.  The lives of those people do not tell the story of someone that has been redeemed or changed on the inside.

Unfortunately I think that all of us have been guilty of being a lot like those three groups of people at some point.  The challenge for all of us is to do our best to be humble servants and invest our lives into those around us.  None of us deserves grace.  God pursues us because he loves us.  It is because he draws us to himself that we are even aware of his presence and love for us.  Once we respond to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ask God to be our redeemer do we really understand the power and importance of grace.

This morning we were told that Savory Salt and Illuminating Light looks like this.

A costly Christianity.  Live out our faith, even when it costs you.

A compassionate Christianity.  Don’t just share God’s love, but show it by your actions.

A consistent Christianity.  Be real, you are being watched

A committed Christianity.  Pray for people, even when they do not “deserve” it.

If you are like me, I have been challenged to be who God wants me to be in the community he has placed me in.  My challenge is to be authentic with regards to my faith and not live my life in such a way, that show me to be a hypocrite.  No one expects me to be perfect but if I say I am a Christ follower then I should act that way.

I would like to hear if any of this has challenged you.  Share with us the message you received at church today.  I would love to hear from you dear reader.

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