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Good bye Synergy and HELLO Input Director

How many computers is enough when you are managing multiple systems?  At work I have two computers and three monitors.  Both systems have their own monitor(s) keyboard and mouse.  I love my office at work because I have plenty of room to do what I need however my desk space is limited.  I have an L shaped desk but the desk space where I can put things is very narrow.  I do not have the space for two keyboards and mice so that forced me to adopt a free utility called Synergy.  I used this free utility when I was down at the College of Charleston thanks to my friend Michael Acree who is still a programmer there.  Synergy was and is a great free utility that allows you to share the keyboard and mouse from one computer to use on the slave computer.  That makes things so much easier to manage when you have multiple computers.

One of the things that I have grown irritated with is that Synergy seems to have been locking up on the master computer on a daily basis and I have to go into the task manager and kill the process and start everything all over again which takes me about 4 minutes to accomplish.  I am on one of the Windows 7 Google Wave  “Waves” and someone was talking about a new program called Input Director.  Synergy does not work with Windows 7 and Input Director does.  Since I have Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and will be using it on my main desktop computer in April I need something that will work with Windows 7.  Yesterday afternoon when Synergy locked up on me again I took that opportunity to rip out Synergy and install Input Director.  I am going to link to a story Stefan Didak that will give you a very nice overview of Input Director.

Synergy is a great program and it is awesome that this fellow named Chris created it back in the early 2004 era but it is no piece of cake to install.  I had Input Director up and running within about 5 minutes.  There are step by step instructions on how to set it up and use it as well that makes things very easy as well.  I have only been using this for one day but as I learn more about its functionality I will see about posting about it here on my technology blog.

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