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Paying it forward – lets do this all year round

Whether we like it or not, the Christmas season is upon us.  All around us we see evidence of this.  Stores both online and offline are in a full court press trying to pressure us to release the grasp on our pocket books.  We are being told through marketing hype the only way to celebrate Christmas, is to spend lots of cash and buy lots of presents for everyone we know.  The only problem with that idea, is that not everyone has a lot of cash to throw around for buying presents.  I think that it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on folks and creates more stress than joy or peace.

While I think it is nice to be able to give gifts to our loved ones, maybe we are missing the point of the season.  As we listen to some of the Christmas carols, lets focus less on the music and more on the message.  Here are some of the songs we are familiar with.

Peace on earth and good will to men. 

Joy to the world.

Silent Night

We are familiar with these songs and we sing them without missing a beat.  I am thinking that maybe less is more in this situation.   I would suggest that we do what we can with what we have, without going into debt this Christmas.  If you have X amount of dollars and X amount of people to buy for, then that is what they are going to get.   After all, it is not about how much the gift costs, but rather the actual act of giving.  Why are we falling into the commercialized trap of competing with the Jones’s and trying to gain approval by what is or is not under the Christmas tree?

One of the ways that we can spread peace and joy is by paying it forward.  What does that mean?  Think back to the times in your life where you experienced a random act of kindness. Take that random act of kindness and pay it forward to someone else in your community. You will be surprised at how good this will make you feel.  Not only that but you will probably surprise the recipient and motivate them to do the same thing.  Paying it forward means that you chose to do something kind, considerate or generous to someone who is not expecting it and wanting nothing in return.  Sometimes paying it forward means that the person receiving the act of kindness may never know that you did it.

I would love to hear about a random act of kindness that you have experience in your life and how it blessed you.  How did it make you feel?  How did it motivate you?  Did it have a positive affect on your life in the moment or for the future?  Did it increase your outlook on humanity?

We wish you a Merry Christmas  that is filled with Hope, Joy and peace that will fill your heart and spirit.



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  1. I was in the post office one day… Cate was on my hip, Dillon and Blake were acting crazy… playing out some Power Rangers or Pokemon scene. I got to the register and realized I didn’t have my wallet. The lady behind me pulled out a $20 and paid my $2 tab. She said I had my hands full and it was the least she could do, rather than me having to go back to my car and get in line again. She was probably doing everyone in the post office a favor, ha, but her heart and motives were genuine, and it made my day. I try to do things like that for others when I can.