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Cries to defund the police

Why do we need the police? Simply put, some people do not know how to
adult. They are unable to use common sense or make good decisions about
life issues. Criminals will never stop being criminals and there will
always be victims for those crimes. Mentally unstable people who should
be receiving treatment for whatever ails them will always be causing
chaos as they do what they do. Sheeple who are unable or unwilling to
be their own first “responders” will need to call 911
when they come under attack or affected in some negative way. The
ultimate result of not having the police who are able to respond to a
multitude of issues affecting the citizenry will result in chaos and
anarchy. If you do not think this is so, tune into the stories coming
out of Seattle or Chicago. There is a nationwide movement to defund the
police so that they can be disbanded or removed from society. Policing
through the years has never been a cake walk. Thanks to the added
pressures from society and increased attack from weak leadership police
officers are saying enough is enough and they are walking off the job or
catching the blue flu. I for one do not blame them. No matter what we
(our group) will back the blue and support them as they put on their
badges and gear and wander out into the chaos every day and night to
serve and protect.

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