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2020 Year of the quarantine

We will look back at 2020 and remember it as the year of the quarantine. COVID19 also known as the Corona Virus or China Virus is a global pandemic which has many nations on lockdown.

We are being told to go home and stay home in South Carolina. All of our traffic warning boards say that. Some of us are being obedient and some of us are going about our day with indifference. I am one of the lucky ones, in that, I have a job working for a healthcare provider. Being a healthcare provider my employer is an essential business. I am happy that I still have a job and I have not been furloughed like some of my friends in other industries.

Many small businesses are being impacted and a lot of employees are out of work and signing up for unemployment. The tourist and hospitality industry has been hit harder than most other industries. People are having a difficult time paying their rent or mortgage much less any of their other bills. Bills do not go away when you lose your job. Creditors still expect payment. Some utility companies and creditors understand the hardships that come along with this pandemic and are working with their customers to delay some payments.

Our government set up a stimulus relief program which will cost our children and grandchildren 2.2 TRILLION dollars. Many millions of Americans will receive 1200 dollars if they are single and make less than 98,000 per year and 2400 dollars if you are married and filing jointly and make less than 150,000 per year. Low income citizens certainly need the help first because they are enduring the brunt of the hardships.

Many businesses are shut down. All restaurants have shut down their dining rooms and some are adapting to provide take out, curbside and delivery for their customers. Life as we know it in America has come to a screeching halt. The only thing we can do is go buy groceries, get gas for our vehicles and go to work for those that still have jobs. Some of the local parks are still open so you can go visit them as long as you practice social distancing. That means keeping a minimum of 6 feet between you and other people who are not someone you live with.

Social media is ablaze with the different agendas and media spin from the different groups who are pointing their fingers at others and placing blame. The noise is deafening and sometimes depressing. It is so much so that I have long since stopped reading or listening to it all.

As we practice social distancing we are fortunate to be connected to one another globally through the Internet. This is a powerful tool and we are responsible as citizens on how we use it. Our message can be one of hope or one of fear. It is our decision on how we use it. I am hopeful that we can share good news and hope with one another and find ways to help one another in practical ways.

Lets reach out to our neighbors while practicing social distancing and do what we can to help those who are not as fortuante as us. No matter what, lets be kind to one another as we endure this pandemic. We may all be in the same boat but not everyone is experiencing the same hardships. Sometimes a kind word and friendly help goes a long way and brings some sunshine into the lives of others.

I for one will be looking for ways to focus on the positive things in our lives. Less social media and focusing on some of the simple things of life like walking in my neighborhood or going to the park with my wife and dogs.

How are you dealing with all of this dear readers?

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