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March for life

Today, teenagers and some of their parents marched all across America in the March for Life. They are demanding that the government enact stricter gun control laws. We want common sense gun reform. We are tired of our children being the victims of senseless gun violence. Signs were held high telling our legislators to stop being afraid of the NRA. It will be interesting to see how the legislators respond in Washington and state capitols across our nation. I agree that there needs to be reform but it needs to target a broken criminal justice system. It needs to target the failing MHMR system. It needs to target low income neighborhoods that are filled with fatherless youth who have no direction and join gangs to feel a part of something. For some reason no one wants to address those issues. Instead the solution remains the same. More restrictive gun laws. How are more restrictive gun laws going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally ill people? I have not heard an answer to that one either. How about freeing up enough funds in our state budgets to put a camera system and resource officers in our schools who can respond to people who would do harm to our most valuable resource, our kids? We protect judges, legislators, air ports, court rooms but not our schools. It makes me think that those who are in charge of the fiscal budget place little to no importance on protecting our children and educators. So, the answer is more involvement by big government to solve the problem. How about we come together as a community and talk about the real issues that facilitate so called gun violence?

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